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American School of Paris - founded 1946

University Counseling

Each student has different interests, strengths, passions, and academic needs. Our University Counselors provide a personalized approach to ensure that each student finds the right University.

From Grade 11, an individualized program of counseling is provided for each student. We believe that that identifying the best-fit university is key to future academic success. Our dedicated team of university counselors takes time to get to know each student, understand their interests, abilities, and academic record, and match them with the Universities that fit. They also nuture an extensive network of universities throughout the world.

In addition to individual advising, our University Counselors run workshops and presentations for students and parents, to help in planning and making decisions around university choice. Our counselors are experts in the field; they have worked worldwide and have a plethora of knowledge, connections, and constantly keep up to date with changes and trends in college admissions.

Graduates from ASP go to Universities around the world including the USA, Europe, Canada, the UK, Asia, and India. 

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Past University Offers

Since 2020, ASP graduates have gained acceptance to the following universities.

If you are a university recruiter and would like more information about ASP or if you would like to schedule a time to speak with our University Counselors, please use the contact information below. 

We encourage Universities to come and present their institutions to our Upper School students. If you wish to put in a visit request, please fill out this form.


Lucas Mennella

Lucas Mennella

College Counselor

Joumana Ordelheide

College Counselor