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American School of Paris - founded 1946

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice


ASP is committed to creating a community where everyone feels that they belong. We believe that diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice must live at the heart of our school and provide the foundation for a strong and cohesive community where all can thrive. Through open-minded and respectful dialogue the school will support the development of  a shared community understanding of the issues relating to gender, race, sexuality, ability, culture and privilege. We will explore with our students how these issues might be addressed, through informed action and deeper learning. 

ASP will ensure students have opportunities to explore their cultural and personal identities to better understand themselves and each other as well as their role in creating an environment of acceptance and support for all. 

We believe this work to be  fundamental in achieving our mission to develop engaged global citizens.

Our priority actions:

  • The school partnered with leading consultants in this field to advise on the review and evaluation of the school’s policies and practice with regard to DEIJ
    The curriculum review process has been expanded to ensure that our curriculum development reflects a broad range of perspectives, voices, and historical contexts to better reflect our school community and to support a more inclusive understanding of the world.
    The school’s librarians are conducting an audit of resources through the lens of DEIJ to ensure our community diversity is well represented.
    The faculty is engaging in professional development and dialogue to develop culturally responsive pedagogies to further enable all students to learn and thrive.
    The school is  developing innovative courses to support students in understanding the world and themselves through a lens of DEIJ as part of our personal and social development programs.
    The school is establishing structures and support to enable community members to engage in productive dialogues exploring issues that might be challenging, polarizing, or controversial 

Our DEIJ Guiding Statement

ASP’s mission, beliefs, and values call upon us to be ethical members of a global community. We are committed to honoring diversity and inclusion, to respecting and caring for others, and to being positive change-makers who shape the world for the better. While we are extremely grateful and proud to be part of a school community dedicated to promoting justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion— this by itself is not enough. 

We live in an increasingly complex and interconnected world; the systems which have enabled us to develop have also created injustice and oppression. Institutions across the globe carry legacies of attitudes and practices that support exclusion, segregation and systemic racism. It will take courageous reflection and focused action to address the oppressive nature of these systems, and to remake them in ways which enable the full potential of all people to contribute and benefit. 

We seek to build such a community at ASP. We commit to becoming active advocates for inclusion and anti-racism so that  people of all identities—across cultures, genders, sexualities, abilities, religious affiliations, and other lines of difference feel a deep sense of belonging and acceptance.

At ASP, our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice is essential for educating culturally competent global citizens. This is a call to action for each of us, and a responsibility that we whole-heartedly welcome and will pursue with determination.