American School of Paris - Admissions Procedure

Admissions Procedure

American School of Paris - Admissions PrcedureThe American School of Paris has a rolling admissions policy and will accept applications from new students throughout the year. Once the necessary paperwork outlined in Step 1 below is completed and received by the Admissions Office, the application will be reviewed by the relevant Division Director and the Admissions Director. You will be notified within one month of the admissions decision.

A visit to the school is recommended but is not required. We certainly enjoy welcoming all applicants to the school! Tours are scheduled between the hours of 10:00 am and 2:30 pm. Click here to schedule a tour and have further information.

Step 1 - Application

Please note, this information is regarding applications for future ASP students. If you are interested in employment opportunities at ASP, click here.

Thank you for your interest in the American School of Paris! We are looking forward to being a part of your child’s educational journey.

As part of the online application, you will be asked to upload additional information. Before you begin, please gather the following documents:

  1. School records/transcripts for the current year, as well as the past 2 years (Early Childhood students should upload as many school records as are available)
  2. Identification photo in digital format (jpg file, 200 x 300 pixels) on a plain, white background
  3. Vaccination records
  4. Student's and parents’/guardians’ passports
  5. Diagnostic/psycho-educational reports, if applicable, in order to better serve the needs of your child(ren).

Step 2 - Acceptance

ASP tries to accommodate every applicant, however it should be noted that acceptance is not automatic, and there are cases when we cannot meet the specific needs of a student.

Admissions decisions are made based on the application forms provided in Step One and the required student transcripts. However in some instances students may be required to take tests. The most common is an English test for non-native English speakers entering grade 5 or above.

Parents of students accepted to the school and placed in a class are informed by mail and contracts are sent for enrollment in the Spring. Please be sure that the Admissions Office has your accurate mailing address.

Criteria for Acceptance to ASP

1. Academic Criteria
ASP is a university preparatory school that challenges students to meet the highest standards and expects each student to strive to meet his/her maximum potential. Based on previous school records and reports, applicants must demonstrate their motivation to achieve academically and to cope successfully with our demands.
The admission process for students with specialized learning needs, is guided by ASP’s inclusion statement and the availability of personnel and facility resources. It is essential that we are able to support and enable students to reach their fullest potential. With that goal in mind, an admissions panel evaluates the student’s ability to engage meaningfully and thrive throughout their time at ASP.

2. Behavioral Criteria
ASP is a learning community bound together by adherence to the principles of respect, responsibility and honesty. As such, we accept only those students whose past record demonstrates a clear commitment to these principles.

3. Learning Differences
ASP offers a range of academic support services to children with mild and moderate levels of need, by providing learning accommodations and program modifications. The distinction between mild and moderate is commonly defined by the services provided. Mild levels of student learning needs are met predominantly by co-teaching, flexible in-class support and small-group support. Moderate levels of need are serviced through individualized intervention, co-teaching and/or curricular modifications.

4. Linguistic Criteria
Students entering ASP must be prepared to work in an English-speaking environment. Based on their academic record, students may be accepted to enter through the level of grade four with virtually no experience with English, but thereafter students must demonstrate increasingly advanced linguistic ability in English to be accepted. When judged appropriate, non-native speakers of English will be enrolled in our English as an Additional Language (EAL) program to help them develop their English skills prior to integrating fully into their grade level classes.


Waiting Lists

In the case of a child being accepted to ASP but with no space available in the class, the child is placed on a waiting pool. Accepted students are placed on a waiting pool strictly in chronological order by date of completed application. Priority is given to children with one or more siblings accepted into other classes.

Step 3 - Enrollment

Once accepted, enrollment at ASP is dependent upon space available in the relevant classes. Should space not be available, accepted students are placed on the waiting pool. Priority is given to students with siblings already enrolled in other classes.

You will receive an email to confirm if your child is accepted followed by an official Letter of Acceptance, a Registration Contract and required enrollment forms. The Registration Contract should be returned to the Admissions Office within 7 days of receipt in order to reserve the space for your child(ren).

Invoicing for tuition and fees occurs once the signed contract is received. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice to confirm your acceptance of the enrollment offer.

The invoice can be sent to you directly, or to your company/embassy based on the information you provide on the Invoice Information form attached to the contract.

Step 4 - Matriculation

Once a student has been accepted, a Registration Contract will be mailed to parents. Students are only officially registered at ASP when the signed contract, due within 7 days of the issue date, is returned to the Admissions Office.

Once a student has been accepted, a Registration Contract will be mailed to parents. Students are only officially registered at ASP when the signed contract, due within 7 days of the issue date, is returned to the Admissions Office.

Students may matriculate only after Steps 1-3 have been completed.

We look forward to your application. We hope that your child(ren) will be selected to join our learning community and that we will be working with you to provide them with an excellent educational experience.


The policy applied by the Admissions Office is as follows:

  • We admit students on the basis of the Criteria of Acceptance outlined in Step 2. The Criteria of Acceptance are applied without regard to sex, race, nationality, or religion.
  • We admit students on the basis of “rolling admissions,” taking completed applications in the order in which they arrive until no space remains in a given class.
  • Priority for inclusion in a class for the following school year is given to students already enrolled in the school, but only for the period prior to the deadline for re-enrollment.