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American School of Paris - founded 1946


International School Paris

At ASP, we are a supportive and caring network of families

Our students, parents, faculty, and staff are a truly welcoming, diverse, and caring community. We embrace all of our newcomers and our comprehensive welcome program ensures that each new family has a smooth onboarding process and will acclimate to our school, as well as life in Paris.

New students and families arrive throughout the year, and we understand the difficulties this has on a family–but with our wide range of student activities, our focus on well-being and inclusion, our comprehensive program for parent activities, and our social events throughout the year–every family and student will feel at home at ASP, no matter when they join our community!

The onboarding that families experience is phenomenal. If you’re looking for a sense of community, you’ll find it here. Everyone has been in the same position as new families and they want to share their knowledge and offer support.
Lisa - ASP Parent

Whether ASP is your first or your fifth international school, your family will quickly feel at home

We work hard to ensure that each family feels part of our community. Starting at the beginning of your journey with ASP, we tailor the experience to meet your needs.

Our prospective families are matched with current families in order to learn more about our school. Once you officially join our community, you will then be matched with a current family to ensure that you never have an unanswered question!

You will be invited to our New Family Orientation and other onboarding events throughout the school year such as welcome picnics, seminars on life in Paris, a fair with local english speaking vendors, and more.

Our new students meet with Guidance Counselors and will quickly meet other students through our student leadership groups, assigned buddies, advisories, and homerooms. 

New Family Portal

We make it our goal to ensure your family is a part of our community

There are plenty of opportunities for our parents to get involved at ASP or or join social groups. We have it all on offer–from neighborhood groups, home-country groups, mother tongue groups, community service opportunities, tour groups, and other ways to volunteer with school-related functions such as galas, fundraising, prom, and more!

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We have over 18,000 alumni across the globe

In every corner of the globe, we are making change happen in companies, universities, and communities around the world.

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