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American School of Paris - founded 1946

Student Life

Academic programs are only part of the ASP experience. We believe in holistic education, and seek to help your child develop unique talents and interests.  

Beyond the classroom, students take part in a wide variety of after-school activities, from arts, music, sports, STEM, and more. We encourage students to try many different activities, and to balance their academic courses with the learning that takes place on the field, stage, or in the studio, and in collaboration with their peers.

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Our students gain valuable, real-world experience, and use their learning for more than assignments and exams. 

Our Upper School students are invited to apply to our internship program and gain experience with some of France’s top companies. Our Middle School students learn for the real world with hands-on projects and myriad off-campus excursions, engaging in authentic learning experiences, applying skills and habits of mind to real-world contexts.


Known, Cared For, and Supported

At ASP, our entire community makes it a top priority to know our students as individuals.

From teachers and security guards to Division Directors, Counselors, and Administrators, our teams get to know your child for who they are. Each Division is supported by Guidance Counselors, our Upper School has College Counselors, we have a Child Safeguarding team, as well as a Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion taskforce, working to ensure that our students and community are safe, understood, healthy and well, and that they have extra support whenever they need it.

Health and Wellbeing 

Our students often say that taking the bus is one of their favorite parts of the day.

The short ride to campus allows students time to relax, catch up with friends, and share the highlights of their day. Our comprehensive bus system serves the suburbs and most of Paris. It covers more than 100 km (3,0000 miles) and gets students to school in under 20 minutes.

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After-School Activities

Extra-curricular activities are a key component of a holistic ASP education.

They provide students with an outlet for their energy, and opportunity learn lifelong skills, and, most importantly, the chance to make friends outside of the classroom. Whether your child is interested in the arts, the sciences, music, or athletics, we have something for everyone! Students can choose from dozens of different clubs, activities, and sports, to fill their week with fun!

 After-School Activities