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American School of Paris - founded 1946


We are one of the few schools in Europe to offer a range of IB and AP courses; because of this, our graduates attend many of the best universities around the world.

ASP is one of the founding schools of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program and has been offering it for more than 30 years. The small IB classes at ASP guarantee the highest degree of individual attention for our students.

We offer many Advanced Placement (AP) courses and 30 International Baccalaureate (IB) classes. Approximately one-third of our seniors are candidates for the IB Diploma each year, and over 90% participate in either the AP or IB program while at ASP.

Our students can choose to complete a full International Baccalaureate program, take a variety of American Advanced Placement exams, take a combination of AP and IB courses, or take standard college preparatory classes. Our Guidance Counselors work with students from their first day at ASP to navigate the rich variety of options and prepare for the academic program best suited to their needs and academic goals. 

Our Grade 9 and 10 programs are designed to prepare students for the academic choices that students are presented with in Grades 11 and 12. Counselors work with students and families at each step of the process to ensure that students can take full advantage of their time at ASP. All academic paths at ASP lead to an American High School diploma and may lead to an IB diploma or AP Scholar designation if requirements of these programs are met.

Program Overview

Remarkable Results

Our Upper School students consistently achieve remarkable results on the AP and IB exams and outperform world averages.

ASP’s strong Upper School IB and AP assessment results

IB (all vs world averages from 2023, since 2024 will not be available until Fall)

  • 44 total students received the IB diploma from the Class of 2024
    • compared to 40 from the Class of 2023
  • 100% of students who attempted IB Diploma earned it
    • compared to 80% world average pass rate
    • 39% earned the IB Bilingual Diploma (27% world)
  • Average Total IB Diploma Score: 35 
    • compared to world average of 30
  • Break down of total scores:
    • 93% earned 30 points or higher (56% world)
    • 54% earned 35 points or higher (29% world)
    • 20% earned 40 points or higher (9% world)
    • Top two students achieved 43/45 on the IB Diploma
  • 96% of IB scores awarded were within one point of ASP’s predicted grades


AP (all vs world averages from 2023, since 2024 will not be available until Fall)

  • 139 students took AP exams (across grades 10-12)
  • Average AP Exam score: 3.7 
    • Compared to world average: 2.96
    • An increase from our 3.5 avg in 2023
  • 28% of all AP exams taken by ASP students were a perfect score of 5 
    • Compared to a world average of 16%
  • 84% of all AP exams taken by ASP students scored 3 or higher 
    • Compared to world average of 60%

*2024 world averages not available until Fall 2024


The AP program at ASP gives students the opportunity to take college-level courses and exams while they are at our school. Successful completion of AP courses provides students with the opportunity to earn credit and/or advanced placement for college or university.

Many ASP graduates have earned anywhere from one college credit hour to full second year standing, depending on the number of AP exams taken and the scored earned. Please note that students not enrolled in AP courses but who may be engaged in self-study are able to order exams in any AP subject. AP exam grading is based on a scale of 1–5, with 5 being the highest mark.

Calculus AB
Calculus BC
Comparative Government & Politics
Computer Science A
Computer Science Principles
English Language & Composition
English Literature & Composition
Environmental Science
French Language & Culture
Modern World History
Physics C
Physics 1 Seminar
Spanish Language & Culture
United States History
*Music Theory

* = availability dependent on student enrollment

Example Image 27

The IB Program at ASP combines academic rigor with a variety of extracurricular and community service projects.

Each Diploma student must study six subjects (three at the Higher Level and three at the Standard Level). Students can choose to enroll in either the full Diploma Program or take a selection of courses for certificates. The IB Diploma is an international passport to higher education. Universities around the world welcome IB Diploma students and recognize how the program helps prepare students for university. IB students routinely gain admission to the best known universities in the world.

Biology SL/HL
Chemistry HL
Economics SL/HL
English A Literature SL/HL
Environmental Systems & Societies SL
Film SL/HL
French A Language & Literature SL/HL
History SL/HL
Math Analysis & Approaches SL/HL
Math Applications & Interpretation SL
Physics HL
Psychology SL/HL
Spanish B SL/HL, & AB INITIO
Theater SL/HL
Visual Arts SL/HL
*Music Theory

SL = Standard Level HL = Higher Level

* = availability dependent on student enrollment