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A child’s first years at school are vital for establishing the strong foundation for learning that will carry them through their lives. The essential skills required of successful problem-solvers, engineers, innovators, artists, and change-makers are already evident in our youngest learners. They are curious, imaginative, and determined to try things for themselves. Our Early Childhood program (Grades K3–Grade 1) encourages our young learners to discover the wonders of the world and enable them to contribute as positive, confident, and caring individuals.



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Early Childhood education at ASP is led by three fundamental beliefs. 



All children are curious, capable, and competent.

Our young learners come to us as intelligent, creative, physical, and emotional children. They already have their own stories to tell, questions to answer, and ideas to share. We believe it is more powerful to listen than to tell, to honor students’ emerging voices, and support them in exploring their interests.



Children thrive in a positive, loving, and supportive community.

Powerful learning is hard work. It requires persistence, the courage to take risks, and the confidence to overcome failure. This is best achieved within a strong community where parents and teachers work in partnership, and where children feel known, supported, and loved.



Children learn better in a rich variety of dynamic teaching environments.

It is essential that our young learners are offered multiple opportunities and experiences that inspire and challenge them. At ASP, students explore in our inspiring Discovery Lab and Possibility Lab, listen to stories in our magical library, and learn further afield in the sites of our incredible city. However, one of the most dynamic learning environments at ASP is the outdoors, providing an endless source of fascination, multi-sensory experience, and joy.


Learning beyond the classroom is an essential component of an Early Childhood education with ASP. Our recently re-designed Outdoor Learning space provides students in K3–Grade 1 ample room to build, explore, and create in different environments like our mud kitchen, our sand pit (with a pirate ship!), and a large green garden. With a wide variety of materials on offer, Early Childhood students can express themselves through dramatic play, extend their learning by re-creating and developing in-class activities in the outdoors, and work together to realize their ideas. 








We validate students’ learning interests; their voices are heard and valued. This lets them see the whole world as a learning opportunity. 

- Cécile Picon, EArly Childhood Teacher