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American School of Paris - founded 1946

Strategic Plan

Going Beyond, Our Strategic Plan 2019–2026

  • A strategy for innovation and transformation
  • A spirit of innovation and constant improvement is in our DNA. Our students don’t sit still and neither must we. Our strategic plan clarifies the vision and the blueprint to ensure our school continues to lead well into the future.
  • A collaborative process involving our students
  • An ambitious goal needs an innovative process. We leveraged the wisdom and energy of our whole community, especially our students to design the way forward for ASP
Strategic Planning!

The vision: ASP is a driving force for positive change in and out of school.

ASP will become known worldwide as an innovative, inclusive and empowering organization at the forefront of educational change; a close-knit community of global change-makers, networked across generations, cultures and our planet. Our students will thrive as positive and balanced young people, motivated to work hard for their goals, their communities and toward the common good.

To realize this vision we identified three main ideas:


Going Beyond Ourselves

Achieving ambitious goals takes courage and confidence and we know that together we are stronger. We will prioritize building an engaged and united community where everyone feels a strong sense of belonging and clear sense of purpose that expands beyond themselves. We will involve everybody in projects focused on what we can do for others and our planet, promoting the development of empathy, humility, intercultural skills and leadership.


Going Beyond Boundaries

We will prioritize breaking down traditional silos and explore ways of providing powerful learning opportunities for students outside the classroom. Projects will shift to more authentic environments and offer students real projects to solve; learners of all ages will connect with experts and professional organizations to expand their worldview and belief in what is possible. Learning will be increasingly designed and influenced by students, more interdisciplinary and more closely reflecting the dynamic and interconnected world of the future.


Going Beyond Expectations

We will focus on what is needed to make it possible for every learner to progress further and achieve more than they thought they could. To do this we will get to know our students well enough to challenge them fully, and explore the pedagogies that can enable every child to succeed. More importantly, we will prioritize helping students know themselves, to find their passions and to set their own goals. In an environment that values balance and well-being, we will build the skills needed for them to lead their own learning, and a strong belief that they can change and make a difference.