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American School of Paris - founded 1946

After-School Activities

Our large offering of after school activities has something for every student. From non-competitive sports to arts to robotics, every student can find an activity! 

We believe that educating students is not just about academics, it is also about having new experiences, finding passions, and learning to collaborate. As our students move through our international school, we want to help them have fun, learn new skills, see new places, meet different kinds of people, and take on leadership roles through our after school programs.

Our offerings vary from year to year, depending on interest.

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Amnesty International

Amnesty International aims to identify, bring attention to, and petition grave abuses of human rights across the world. A movement of over 3 million activists and supporters, Amnesty uses the power of international pressure to affect change.

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Art: Sewing & Fibers

Sewing & Fibers club explores natural and synthetic dyes, discovering the different forms of textiles, hand weaving and machine sewing with connections to Math & Science.

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Enjoy the beauty of the Parc de Saint-Cloud with this active club! Our new ASP Bike Program extends beyond the school and into this fun afternoon activity.

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Ceramics offers students time to build skills and confidence in hand building clay vessels with connections will be made with nature, form & function and story-telling.

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Green Team

Green Team is an environmental club that is dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment at ASP and beyond.

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Humanities Lab

Humanities Lab offers a 1.5-hour open session where students in Grades 6, 7 and 8 can come and get support for social studies, English, science or other classes as needed.

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India Club

India Club raises funds and collects donations for the Jyoti School for handicapped children in Rishekesh, India

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INK Magazine

INK is ASP's student-led literary magazine. We take part in expeditions into Paris (Shakespeare & Co most recently), host an open-mic literary evening every year and publish a magazine containing student photography, poetry, short fiction, essays, graphic stories, etc.

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Innovation Club

Innovation club explores the latest design, science and technology concepts. Students will be encouraged to create and experiment with various ideas to come up with innovative ideas and test them.

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Interactive Design

Interactive Design Club is an opportunity for students to explore creative applications of design thinking, coding, electronics and digital fabrication technology.

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Intermediate Violin

A continuation of Beginner violin and exclusively for those that were enrolled in Beginner violin last school year 2020–2021.

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Jazz Band

Upper School musicians with at least 2–3 years of playing experience are welcome to join on the following instruments: Flute, alto / tenor / baritone saxophones, trumpet, trombone / euphonium, electric guitar, piano, bass and drum kit.

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Junior / Senior Math Team

This club is focused on improving Math skills, but from a different perspective. In the club, we tackle math problems using “outside of the box” thinking.

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Kenya Club

Kenya Club is a philanthropic organization which conducts fundraising in order to help a special youngster in Kenya, Kelvin Atuya, pursue his education.

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Lego Club

Lego Club include building techniques and an exploration of mechanical and architectural principles: motors and gears, construction, machines, physics concepts, design and fun LEGO projects

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MATHCOUNTS is a club where students learn the fun side of mathematics while solving interesting problems.

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Math Lab

Math Lab offers a 1.5-hour open session where students in Grades 6, 7 and 8 can come and get support or remediation in math.

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Mini Tennis

Our tennis instructors from Players Tennis Academy bring their expertise to ASP, as our younger students explore mini tennis in the Fieldhouse.

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Music, Woodwind & Brass

All Grade 4 and 5 students have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument from the woodwind, brass or percussion families. This involves group tuition using the Standard of Excellence method books, as well as performances as a Lower School Concert Band.

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National Honor Society

The National Honor Society chapter of the American School of Paris is a duly chartered and affiliated chapter of this prestigious national organization. Membership is open to those students who meet the required standards in four areas of evaluation

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French language activity

Tennis offers off-campus instruction in French by seasoned instructors from Players Tennis Academy, giving students a rich cultural experience in addition to tennis expertise

Read More about POSTPONED: Tennis
Private Music Lessons

ASP facilitates the opportunity to learn an instrument privately with a qualified and enthusiastic private teacher on campus after school. 

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Rebel TV

We produce PSA videos and comedy skits, and learn about the inside of a production studio. Our videos will be shown in PAC to the whole Upper School throughout the year. 

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Romanian Children's Relief

The Romania club has been supporting the work of Romanian Children’s Relief/Fondatia Innocenti, which runs a playroom for abandoned babies and a program for elementary school Roma children in Bucharest

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SEMESTER 2: Musical Theatre

In the Musical Theater Club students will enhance their knowledge of all aspects of musical theater, including acting, dancing, singing, costume design, stage managing, publicity, stage lighting, sound systems, set design and production preparation.

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Spring TBD: Competitive Tennis

Tennis offers off-campus instruction in French by seasoned instructors from Players Tennis Academy, giving students a rich cultural experience in addition to tennis expertise.

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String Ensemble

String ensemble is open to violin, viola, cello and double bass players who have at least one year of experience with their instrument, and can read music.

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Student Council

The Student Council is an organization that acts as a liaison between the students and the administration. We seek to address the concerns of the students whilst striving to create the most favorable environment and culture for the entire student body and school.

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Sumba Foundation Club

Sumba Club is an ASP service club that, through fundraising, aims to lessen the consequences of poverty on the island of Sumba. Each year we focus on a specific goal that can be anything from funding mosquitos nets to funding water tanks for the villages.

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