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American School of Paris - founded 1946

Language Learning

Middle School in Paris

Learning a new language is the key to building new skills, making connections between curricular areas, and developing as an active, engaged learner. 

ASP offers a comprehensive French language program from K3–Grade 12, designed to support students of all proficiency levels. In the Upper School, students have the opportunity to learn Spanish in addition to French. For students who reach a sufficient level in two different IB languages, the International Baccalaureate bilingual diploma is available at ASP. In an average year, 40% of ASP students earn the IB bilingual diploma. 

Our language of instruction is English, and students of all proficiency levels learn to develop and strengthen their skills. 

Whether a student is a native speaker or learning English at ASP, we strive for excellence in written and spoken expression, and guide students through deeper language comprehension and analysis.

Students in all grades receive French language instruction, and as part of their studies, students learn to understand, appreciate, and respect the studied cultures (including Spanish as an elective), and apply this same approach to other cultures and civilizations around the world.

Home Languages

A strong mother language at home is critical for success in the classroom, and we support our families as they work to develop their child's language skills in their native language. 

First language proficiency supports new language development, and ASP believes it is essential that parents maintain and develop students' mother languages. We offer individual consultations, group sessions, and numerous resources for parents who are balancing the development of their child's academic English with their mother language. 

In Lower School, our Early Childhood students receive 30 minutes of French per day. Grades 1–5 receive 40–50 minutes of daily French instruction.

In Middle School, students receive 70 minutes of French every other day in our block schedule. If students choose to take Spanish as an elective, they will have 70 minutes of class on the alternate day (French on Day 1, Spanish on Day 2, etc.)

In Upper School, students receive 75–85 minutes of French every other day in our block schedule. Depending on their specific schedule requirements, students may either have both French and Spanish on the same day, or one language class per day.