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American School of Paris - founded 1946

Focus Areas

Electives in Paris

At ASP, we offer a wide range of classes, including required courses and electives. All of our academic focus areas are built on shared aims, beliefs, and philosophy. 

With dozens of electives on offer, and a large range of required courses, our students are able to personalize their class schedule to suit their interests and academic development. We believe it is essential for students to mix the arts, languages, specialized STEM courses with their core curricular classes in order to promote a love of learning and a deep engagement with their education. At the American School of Paris, we ensure a balance of academic rigor, real world opportunities, and creative opportunities inside and outside of the classroom. Find out more about our academic focus areas by reading below. 


Aim: To develop and implement comprehensive, creative, innovative music, theater, film, and visual art programs. To equip students to think like artists, and to establish in them lifelong artistic dispositions as bold, sensitive creators, thoughtful, informed appreciators and enthusiastic, active supporters of the arts.

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Aim: To help students see and feel the impact of reading and writing in their lives. Students who read and write well have a better understanding of themselves and others and are more likely to have richer lives. We aim to nurture independent and critical thinkers who can skillfully take in and evaluate new information, formulate original responses, and convincingly articulate their ideas through both the spoken and written word.

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Innovation & Design

Aim: To ensure that students have the confidence to adopt and the ability to adapt new technologies so that they become designers of digital solutions that make a positive difference in their current and future world. 

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Philosophy: The libraries and librarians play a key teaching, support, and collaborative role in carrying out the broader school mission. The libraries resources, personnel and technology support the curriculum and instruction to help students become efficient and responsible users and creators of ideas and information in a global world, as well as promote a love of life-long reading and learning.

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Aim: For students to understand and appreciate mathematics, to become proficient problem solvers, and to make mathematical connections with the world around them.

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Modern Languages

Aim: For students to leave ASP with a love of languages, people, and cultures, and with the tools to communicate efficiently and meaningfully in both the spoken and written word.

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Aim: The purpose of music education is to empower students to be independent musicians and to engage them in the cognitive, physical, social and emotional experiences of a rich and diverse musical life.

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Physical Education

Aim: to ensure that students have the necessary skills and passion for lifelong fitness, physical activity and personal development to establish healthy choices and lifestyles.

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Aim: We strive to foster the innate curiosity of students as they develop the skills, knowledge, and content knowledge necessary to access and evaluate new information. Our students will be able to use the scientific method/ experimentation/processes, to understand the natural world; and they will leave with a greater inclination to use their abilities in science to solve problems and act responsibly in society.

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Social Studies

Aim: For students to enhance their personal and social awareness by cultivating knowledge, understandings, values, and skills needed to participate actively in their community and the world at large.

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Aim: That students leave ASP having received the full advantages of being in a school where technology is used when appropriate to support, enrich and extend learning; where they gain the technology skills and knowledge needed to be successful in their future learning and where they develop habits of responsible technology use.

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Through the study of theater, students become aware of their own personal and cultural perspectives, developing an appreciation of the diversity of theatre practices and their processes. The course enables students to discover and engage with different forms of theatre across time, place and culture.

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