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American School of Paris - founded 1946

Set on 12+ acres, our campus houses all three Divisions, Grades K3–12, in dedicated indoor and outdoor learning spaces.

Just a few kilometers from world-famous landmarks, museums, and parks, our location offers students the opportunity to experience the city of Paris while enjoying what feels like unlimited space on our campus.

The Best of Both Worlds

Our ideal location, just outside of Paris, allows your family to experience the best of both worlds. Being just outside of Paris means that we have the largest campus in the region, but we are just minutes away from all that Paris has to offer! With our private bus system, your family can choose to live in the city or the suburbs, and still access ASP quickly and easily.

Student Transportation    

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International School in Paris

With much of our campus newly rebuilt, students will enjoy dedicated and modern spaces for all of their classes.

Discover our Arts Link, featuring ceramics studios, art studios, a Black Box Theater, a band room, choir room, recording studios, a film-making classroom, and more. Or, start your tour in our Design and STEM Labs, where students turn into engineers and designers while using 3D printers, laser cutters, and robots. Or, go straight to our expansive sports fields and picture yourself in the middle of a game!

Can't wait to see our campus? Take our virtual tour now!

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Our campus is private, gated, access-controlled, and staffed with a 24/7, highly-trained security team.

“When my children are at school during the day, I feel entirely confident that they are safe.”–ASP Parent

We maintain constant contact with leading surveillance and security experts including the local police, the police prefecture in Paris, and Embassy diplomatic experts.