Arts at ASP

The Arts at the American School of Paris

Fostering our students’ appreciation, respect, and understanding of the visual and performing arts by providing exciting and inspirational opportunities for them to develop their imagination and self-expression and establish their creative venues.

The American School of Paris offers a multifaceted arts program for all students, both within and in addition to classroom curriculum.

ASP believes that the study of the arts is fundamental in preparing young people for the future. The ASP art program is designed so that our students:

  • experience the creative process first hand
  • expand their imagination in new and different ways
  • develop a variety of artistic and aesthetic skills
  • acquire proficiency in using appropriate tools, techniques, and technology
  • have an enduring understanding and appreciation of art and culture

Above all, our goal is for students to develop a lifelong appreciation, enthusiasm, and enjoyment of the arts!

The ASP arts program offers a variety of artistic opportunities, mediums and forms of expression, in which students can thrive regardless of the depth of their prior experience and talents.

Campus arts facilities include a film laboratory, electronic music studio, individual and ensemble music practice rooms, and the Performing Arts Center- a professional standard theater.



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