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American School of Paris - founded 1946

Summer Camps

Beyond a summer camp, we believe in creating an inspiring summer community, one where students can explore and learn from an audacious program and where friends and memories are made.

Students can dive into a particular topic or a combination of topics: English communication, visual and performing arts, science and design challenges. A rare window for local students, whether Anglophone or novices in English, into extra-curricular English-medium instruction with lead specialists and educators.

As they expand their perspective, improve skills or enjoy activities and exchange with peers, students take full advantage of all that our campus has to offer, including outdoor spaces, athletic fields, dedicated spaces for performing arts, music, art and innovation.

Whether you are visiting Paris, you are a student in France or a student at the American School of Paris, our Summer Camp welcomes both international and local students.

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Founded in 1995, the Extension Program is a division of the American School of Paris and welcomes over 1000 students across programs throughout the year. The 12-acre campus, located just outside of Paris, offers state of the art facilities: Performing Arts Center, Design Labs, Music and Art rooms, Libraries, indoor or outdoor sports facilities and playgrounds. 

We welcome children ages three to eighteen and our program has been designed with a diverse audience in mind to bring together families worldwide.

Special events and enrichment led by the camp staff are offered to build the community and for additional summer fun: Indoor and outdoor activity stations during recesses and lunch breaks, Friday Barbecue in the school's picnic area, End of week shows and exhibits for performing and visual arts activities, Holiday Celebrations: July 4th, July 14th, Talent shows and open mike, Ping pong and frisbee tournaments.

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