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American School of Paris - founded 1946

Annual English Programs

A Non-selective, Extra-curricular Pathway to Bilingualism  

Comprehensive English language programs from PreK to Grade 12 on Wednesdays and Saturdays, designed to support students of all proficiency levels from Beginner to Anglophone.

The American School of Paris Extension Program is a leading extra-curricular English language program in the Paris region, unique to offer external students an opportunity to access an international education setting through an extra-curricular program. 

We view all students as emergent bilinguals. Acceptance into our programs is not selective and remains guided by the student's profile and goals, serving to design an individual pathway to success.

The Extension Programs are programs of excellence rooted in the American School of Paris' philosophy and pedagogical practices: academic rigor, openness to the world, innovation, creativity, and personal fulfillment. Deeply committed to our mission, we thrive on creating wonderful learning experiences for our students.

As with the non-English-speaking (EAL) students at our school, English acquisition is pursued in three stages: the discovery of language learning through immersion, followed by maximum exposure to develop skills and, as soon as comprehension and communication allow it,  immersion into the English Language Arts group. Bilingual students enter the English Language Arts track directly.

Online Registration is now open for 2024-25 school year.

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