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Upper School Extracurricular

The Upper School offers a rich and varied range of extracurricular offerings. These include not only our athletic and performing arts programs but fine arts, service organizations, student government, literary clubs and more. Our students are traditionally very active in these programs and often choose to invest in a combination of several of these offerings.

Please find below the list of this year's after school actities with a brief description of each.

Please contact our Dean of Students, Craig Vezina ( or our Service Learning coordinator, Ms. Lowe ( ), if you have any questions regarding these programs.

Aspire - Student Newspaper

Aspire is the ASP student newspaper. Our reporters cover school-related topics as well as social issues, world events, and human interest stories.

Habitat For Humanity

The Habitat Club at ASP continues to battle poverty by building homes for low-income families. Club members, in addition to raising awareness throughout the year, prepare for a trip to a build site; past trips have included Portugal, Romania, Macedonia, and Indonesia. The club welcomes Upper School students from all grades! Faculty supervisors: Duncan McEachern ( & Alyssa Pierce ( Meets: Tuesdays/3:40 – 4:20/Room 467.

Art Club

In ART CLUB, students may work on various projects involving diverse materials and supports (choice made individually). Photography included! This club is for the student who needs more time to do their art work (IB) or the student who cannot fit art into their schedule. Group projects, such as murals for the school may be proposed. Faculty supervisor: Frank Vescio (

Romanian Children's Relief

For over ten years, the Romania club has been supporting the work of Romanian Children’s Relief/Fondatia Innocenti, which runs a playroom for abandoned babies and a program for elementary school Roma children in Bucharest. The club usually sends groups of students to Bucharest for a week during the Toussaint and April breaks to work. Faculty supervisors: Jim Dennison ( & Sonata Sardinha (

INK Magazine

INK is ASP's student-led literary magazine. We take part in expeditions into Paris (Shakespeare & Co most recently), host an open-mic literary evening every year and publish a magazine containing student photography, poetry, short fiction, essays, graphic stories, etc. Our aim is to allow budding writers to explore their talents, their imagination and their self-confidence. Contributions are always welcomed. Faculty supervisor: Maryama Antoine (

Amnesty International

Amnesty International aims to identify, bring attention to, and petition grave abuses of human rights across the world. A movement of over 3 million activists and supporters, Amnesty uses the power of international pressure to affect change. Amnesty at ASP is an officially recognized affiliate of Amnesty France, and so the club often works in conjunction with their headquarters in Paris; while still remaining independent, with the flexibility to chose which topics the club members wish to pursue. Faculty supervisor: Maryama Antoine (

Student Council

The Student Council is an organization that acts as a liaison between the students and the administration. We seek to address the concerns of the students whilst striving to create the most favorable environment and culture for the entire student body and school. We are composed of 4 officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary) 12 representatives (3 representatives from each grade) and Spirit Liasons. Advisor: Craig Vezina (

India Club

India Club raises funds and collects donations for the Jyoti School for handicapped children in Rishekesh, India as well as the Luxman Jhula Medical center, which treats people with leprosy. Goals include giving as much support as possible to these two institutions and learning about India and its culture, as well as how to perform community service. Faculty supervisors: Laurence Duclos ( & Nathan Herchenroeder (

Kalahari Education Experience

The Kalahari Education Experience culminates in a two-week trip that ASP students take during summer vacation (the last week of June and the first week of July) to the Moshaweng Valley in South Africa. We specifically travel to the small village of Ganap, where we work at an intermediate school during the students' winter break. The students at this school will have to take and pass a matriculation exam in English in order to gain acceptance into high school. At our meetings, we work on two things. The first task is fundraising for school supplies for the students of Ganap. The second thing that we work on throughout the year, and possibly the most important thing, is the anthology used as the basis of the lessons we provide. Faculty supervisors: Lindsey Rutherford ( & Sonata Sardinha (

Kalahari Education Experience

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Kenya Club

Kenya Club is a philanthropic organization which conducts fundraising in order to help a special youngster in Kenya, Kelvin Atuya, pursue his education. The club has been in existence for several years. Its immediate goal is to support Kelvin through to the end of his secondary education. The club has recently broadened its interests to fund the education of a young woman and address issues particularly affecting young African women. Faculty supervisor: Cora Enard (

Yearbook Club

This club works in tandem with the Yearbook class to produce our annual school yearbook. Students are engaged in artfully and efficiently creating perhaps the key publication associated with our school. Every student enrolled at ASP receives a copy of the yearbook. Faculty supervisor: Cora Enard (

A Cappella / The Trebels

Student-run a cappella singing group. Members are chosen through audition.

Kids Home Club

Kids Home Club supports the Kids Home base in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This organization supports four different programs, which help families and children of different ages. The main program provides support for orphans or for those who cannot live at home due to financial or abuse-related issues. The home was built in 2003, and the organization was founded by Nicola Crosta and his wife. The Kids Home at ASP thinks of creative and fun ways to raise money to help these children in Thailand.

Model UN / Paris Model UN

Model UN is a club in which we debate global issues, with the goal of finding solutions to these issues in the UN framework. In meetings, we practice our skills of debate and public speaking, while researching the nations we represent to learn about foreign policy. We also attend several conferences throughout the year, which require great levels of leadership and collaboration with others. In addition, we host the Paris Model UN conference held annually at UNESCO which brings together approximately 900 participants. Faculty supervisor: Ouriel Reshef (

Junior / Senior Math Team

This club is focused on improving Math skills, but from a different perspective. In the club, we tackle math problems using “outside of the box” thinking. Club members also participate in international mathematics competitions. Faculty supervisor: Sara Kopp (


The objective of this concentrated learning experience/club is to introduce students to the essential skills of entrepreneurship for both profit and non-profit initiatives as well as developing key communication, organization and creative skills. This is designed to be a blended-learning experience featuring not only classroom time, but a variety of hands-on experiences that are intensive, group-oriented and interactive. This CLE will include business simulations, presentations, case-studies, guest speakers and several off-campus field trips. Facilitator: Craig Vezina ( ).

Sumba Foundation Club

Sumba Club supports the Sumba Foundation in Sumba, Indonesia. Sumba is a large island with a very rich tribal culture, but is vastly underdeveloped. The Foundation provides the island with basic needs, such as clean, accessible water, anti-malaria mosquito nets, malnutrition meal plans for children attending schools, etc. We help the foundation with their goals and fundraise to support the various projects that they pursue. Our mission is to promote global citizenship and leadership, and through our support for Sumba.

Robotics Club

The Robotics Club aspires to create a collaborative learning environment and develop practical STEM skills. Anticipated projects include tech challenges and robotics expositions. Faculty supervisor: Ron Schildge (

Chess Masters

Come out and learn the rules of game in a battle of wits and strategy. All levels welcome to one of ASP's newest groups. Faculty supervisor: Nick Walklet ( & Tom Neville (