American School of Paris - Co-Curricular Activities

Middle School

The extracurricular activities offered in the Middle School, offer students a number of enriching clubs, theater productions, athletics, and other extracurricular activities. Performing arts, music, sports, robotics, and Model United Nations are just a few of activities that ASP offers. Our extracurricular activities expand and extend the ASP experience for your teenager. Scroll below to read about the many different options available to Middle School students.


Following is a representative list of student activities led by ASP Middle School faculty and held during lunchtime or after school. Enrollment information and schedules are announced to students at the beginning of each school year.
  • Art Club
  • Chess Club
  • Model United Nations
  • Student Governance
  • Theater
  • TaeKwonDo
  • Hip Hop Dance Workout


TENNIS (Grades 6-8)
France is home to the lovely clay courts, and tennis is one of its most popular sports and certainly a central cultural experience for many French students. Students will take lessons in FRENCH with instructors from Players Tennis Academy (off-campus and transportation is provided to and from the courts) and all levels are welcome. The focus is on developing all skills involved in this beautiful game. Students must have their own tennis shoes and rackets to participate. Join us on Tuesdays after school for these sessions in FRENCH.

Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in sports activities throughout the year.

All skills levels are welcome. The focus is on developing skills, being part of a team and enjoying the sport! Click on the link below for all the details. Middle School Athletics


Each year, Middle School students are excited to join the 2 major ensembles: the school MUSICAL and the DRAMA production. If you love to sing, dance, and act, we invite you to do so on our beautiful Performing Arts Center (PAC) in the fall and in the spring!


MS Students have extra opportunities after school to participate in the following musical activities:

Strings Ensemble

Private Music Lessons


For your teenager in the Middle School, our extracurricular activities provide an enriched, educational, and most importantly, fun experience where students are able to further explore their interests and talents. 

CHESS CLUB (Grades 6-8)
Thanks to Nick Walklet and Thomas Neville last year, Chess Club at ASP had a tremendous debut! And this year, we have made it even more appealing for MS students to come out and play, and learn, and dream of become a master. Come join us on Mondays for new strategies and great action . . . Checkmate!

Here in the capital city of Paris, we breathe fashion and design! Young passionate designers will learn the basics of fashion rendering and illustration, including figure proportions, shading, and style details to create an individual portfolio. Then, the final project includes dressing a 3D model with a variety of materials to create a unique line of clothing. You will also learn basic hand sewing techniques (but no sewing machines will be used). Sessions in English.

ASP REBEL TV  (Grades 6-12)
For the students and by the students, this new program asks students to create a new TV and Radio program at ASP with podcasts and news broadcasts, video episodes in both English and French! With other students (and some faculty guidance), you will create fun and interesting school programming that could also cover reports about cultural events and daily life in Paris. This After-school activity/club is a great opportunity for MS/US students to explore journalism and tv/radio production in a team setting. If you like to spin music or create your own, give play-by-play or commentary for sports events, or present film reviews, new fashion trends, or even the latest on social media, help us launch The ASP Rebel Network.