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Lower School

Extracurricular activities in the Lower School offer a wide range of enriching experiences for your children in the Lower School: from Music and Theater, to Soccer and Basketball, LEGOs and Yoga, and so much more! For more details, click on the panels below, and scroll down for our schedule of weekly activities.


Your child has the exciting opportunity to participate in additional music groups such as Lower School Singers and Lower School Musical Theater Club, as well as Band, Instruments, and String Ensemble

For more details, click here: ASP Performing Arts.




For your child, our Athletic Department organizes sports across three distinct sports seasons: Soccer (autumn), Basketball (winter), Soccer (spring). Activities are scheduled on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Learn more: Lower School Athletics


ASP offers numerous After-School Activities that provide learning experiences outside of the conventional classroom. Each activity is designed to nurture and intrigue students as they discover their interests and talents. Each activity with description is listed below. 

CODING MAGIC! with MagicMakers

Grades 1-2, Thursdays : With our partner MagicMakers, we invite you to our exciting new Coding activity for your children! Your kids will first discover creative and recreational programming that uses non-connected activities to understand the logic of programming (role playing, drawing and board games). This will then lead to a discovery of playful programming with tablet tools tablet (Scratch Junior) and programming of small robots (Ozobot Evo). A great activity that embraces logical reasoning and fun!

Grades 3-5, Mondays : Also with our partner MagicMakers, your children 8-10 years old will have a blast creating their first video games with the program Scratch, learn to program LEGOs, and even make joysticks with fruits! Not only will your kids learn the concepts of programming, they will push the boundaries of creativity!


Mighty Mandarin! Chinese for Beginners

Gr 3-5, Thursdays : We offer this exciting new language activity where beginners are introduced to Chinese Mandarin language and culture. Your children will learn basic vocabulary and grammar rules through games, singing, and role-playing in a fun environment. The class will also introduce Chinese art and culture like calligraphy, painting, and traditional holidays--wonderful ways to learn a new language!

Kids' Club (After-school Recreation & Childcare)

K3 - Gr 1, Tuesdays (16h30 or 17h00 pick-up). Welcome to KIDS’ CLUB, a place where your young child (3-6 years old) will continue to have fun learning after school. Each session will be in French and English and children participate in different activities. Here is the typical schedule for a day:


3:30 – 3:50 pm : Healthy and educational Snack time (Fr)

4:00 – 4:10 pm : Playground, Yoga, or Preschool gymnastics (in Fieldhouse) (En/Fr)

4:15 – 4:25 pm : Singing, Puppet theater, or Storytelling in French (Fr)

4:35 – 4:45 pm : Bathroom break

4:50 – 5:10 pm : Art or Science workshop (En/Fr)


Karate Pandas and TaeKwonDo Go!

Karate Pandas, Grades K5-2, Fridays : Our martial-arts themed semester takes on the fun challenge of teaching your kids the importance of balance, concentration, and the control of strength--both inner and physical. And often with smiles and laughs! The activity will also incorporate arts/crafts occasionally that will help children complement their focus on the mats.





TaeKwonDo Go! Grades 3-5, Mondays : (for beginner and intermediate levels). Concentration, development of hand-eye coordination, and control of both inner and physical strength are at the foundation of this martial art, and we are pleased to offer a fitness activity that will help your children learn the values of respect and perseverance through self-reflection and working with others.


Construction Capers!

Grades 1-2, Mondays, 16h30 or 17h00 pick-up. For your little one, fun building projects and crafts and games. A great way to construct, and problem-solve! Your child will also learn the values of working together, persevering, and pushing the limits of their creativity. Our wonderful instructor Anouk, from Little Tinkerers last semester, returns with fun projects!

Theater Games

Grades 1-5, Wednesdays: Our new Theater Games after-school on Wednesdays is a great chance for your child to perform and gain confidence as a speaker and actor! Kids will have tons of fun and learn to become more creative and expressive with our experienced instructor.

AcroYoga, All Fun & Games, Fitness Festival

All Fun & Games, Mondays (Gr 1 - 2)

Fitness Festival, Thursdays (K5 - Gr 1)

AcroYoga, Thursdays (Gr 2-5)

2 new games and fitness offerings and 1 returning favorite with fun coaches who enjoy teaching children. Your kids are sure to have fun jumping, running, tumbling and acting (Fitness Festival with Anouk--our wonderful instructor from Little Tinkerers last semester), learning new games and playing traditional ones (All Fun&Games), and learning crafts and breathing techniques/poses to find tranquility (AcroYoga with our always-positive and happy instructor Liz).


LEGOS Engineering Fun

Grades 2-5, Wednesdays : The Play-Well team is pleased to offer this semester special projects based on the world of space from STAR WARS! For both your daughter or son, these workshops include building techniques and an exploration of mechanical and architectural principles--motors and gears, construction, machines, concepts like friction and energy, design and scale, and lots of LEGO© fun--and will explore how the different machines in films like "Star Wars" can truly function. Kids will work individually and in groups to create, test, modify, and play with their machines. If your child is a returning student, s/he will see new projects and cover new concepts. Classes are bilingual French/English.

Tennis Club

Grades 2-5, Tuesdays : France is home to the lovely clay courts, and tennis is one of its most popular sports and certainly a central cultural experience for many French students. Your child will take lessons in FRENCH with our instructors from Players Tennis Academy (off-campus and transportation is provided to and from the courts) and all levels are welcome. The focus is on developing all skills involved in this beautiful game. Students must have their own tennis shoes and rackets to participate. Join us on Tuesdays after school for these sessions in FRENCH.

Mini-Tennis /TeeBall/Baseball (starts in March)

Mini-Tennis and Baseball (begin in March), Fridays and Saturdays : An American classic and a French favorite will be available for young ones starting this year ! We will not only help your children to develop their motor skills with mini-drills and fun games, but they will also sharpen their English and French language while being a part of a team.

Registration is also open now for Spring Mini-Tennis, Soccer (and Baseball) which will begin in March.

Family Yoga Fun


Grades K5-Gr 2 and Gr 3-5, Saturdays (January - March): Our new winter activity offering is for YOU and YOUR CHILD, and what better way to revitalize yourselves after a busy week than to have a family yoga session in our Community Room. Join us and you'll learn more than simple yoga poses and breathing exercises about yourself and your child! Namaste (next to the US Cafeteria (Parent participation is obligatory for K5-Gr 2 group; parent participation is recommended for Gr 3-5 group).


Please note that on Saturdays, both LS Basketball and Family Fun Yoga follow a special calendar based on gym availability; click for Saturday LS Basketball / Yoga Calendar