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Lower School Extracurricular

After-school Activities available for Grades 2-5: Fall 2016 offerings available (see below):


The Play-Well team is pleased to offer this semester projects based on "Star Wars" and the world of space and science fiction! For both boys and girls, these workshops include building techniques and an exploration of mechanical and architectural principles--motors and gears, construction, machines, concepts like friction and energy, design and scale, and lots of LEGO© fun--and will explore how the different machines in films like "Star Wars" can truly function. Students will work individually and in groups to create, test, modify, and play with their machines. Returning students will see new projects and cover new concepts. Classes are bilingual French/English. NOW CLOSED


A NEW Play-Well offering for girls who love to build! This course will provide a supportive environment for girls to apply real-world concepts in physics, engineering, and architecture through engineer-designed projects such as bridges, motorized objects, historical monuments and amusement parks! Design and build as never before, and explore your craziest ideas in an interactive environment. Curriculum created for LEGO lovers and newbies alike!


Paris is the home to Roland Garros and its unique clay court Grand Slam tournament and is one of the most popular sports in France and certainly a central cultural experience for many French students. Students will take lessons in FRENCH with instructors from Players Tennis Academy (off-campus and transportation is provided to and from the courts) and all levels are welcome. The focus is on developing all skills involved in this beautiful game. Students must have their own tennis shoes and rackets to participate. More details to follow about the activity day and meeting point. Sessions in FRENCH. Grades 4-5, Tuesdays starting September 6 (12 sessions), 155€ (special promotional fee)


Join other Lower School children in passing the time joyfully learning the fundamentals and playing PING-PONG, CHESS, and BOARD GAMES on a rotating basis. You will be surprised at how quickly the time flies when you're having fun and learning at the same time! Grades 2-4, Mondays starting September 5 (12 sessions), 90€


American School of Paris - Lower School art activitiesOur popular Art Club offers multiple activities such as drawing and painting with pencils, pastels, and paint and even the basics of ceramics. In addition, you will explore the power of recycled art and other themes such as impressionism or cubism. Our teachers are experienced and passionate, and you will be enchanted by the works you create each week! Grades 2-5, Tuesdays starting September 6 (12 sessions), 120€ (special promotional fee)


An athletic program is also available to Lower School students on Fridays and Saturdays. Follow the link below to learn more: Lower School Athletics


Lower school students have the exciting opportunity to participate in additional music groups. These lessons are part of the music curriculum and are of no extra cost to families. Students enjoy learning together and performing at assemblies and concerts!

NEW program in 2016-17 for students in EC3 -GRADE 1

Tuesdays and Fridays (currently not available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays); currently drop-in service only Tuesdays:

American School of Paris - Lower School Extracurricular Activities