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Co-curricular Activities and Clubs in the Lower School

The American School of Paris offers a wide range of enriching experiences for your children in the Lower School. Each activity is designed to nurture and intrigue students as they discover their interests and talents. For more details and information click on the panels below.


(Grades 2-5):  Our popular yoga for Lower School students is back this year with more opportunities for children to constructively and creatively explore their feelings and thoughts.  Kids will come away each week with helpful breathing techniques & poses to find tranquility and they will also participate in arts & crafts that reinforce this inner peace. Namaste.

Chess Club

(Grades 2-5):  From learning new strategies and developing critical thinking skills to having fun competitions, our LS chess activity is wonderful for any level of play.  We encourage everyone to join us each Wednesday after-school to jump around as knight to protect the king!

Fun Club

(K4 - Grade 1): Welcome to Fun Club, a place where your young child (4-6 years old) will have fun after school. Each session will be in French and English and children participate in different activities like arts, crafts, music, supervised outdoor play. With our renovated Early Childhood playground, children will be enthralled to play in this fun and safe new space!

Fun Club Sports

(K4-Grade 1): Welcome to Fun Club Sports, a place where your young child (4-6 years old) will have fun after school while focusing on fitness and sports. Children will participate in various physical fitness and play activities in both our new Early Childhood playground and the Field House. Your kids are sure to have fun jumping, running, tumbling while improving their motor skills and learning to use their energy creatively and safely each Thursday.

Innovation Club

(Grades 4-5):  Join us for our new after-school club where students will explore the wonders of coding, robotics, and individual inspiration projects!  After the great experiences last year with the Lower School Invention Convention and Inspiration Projects, children will have a blast!


(Grades 2-5): Our new activity will be a very cool mix of art and math and storytelling and crafts and reading . . . quite the colorful mélange!  Our Math in Art program, for example, takes students through key movements in art history and de-codes how each style was built on different uses of relatively similar geometric forms through light and shadow. Kids will also try their hand at Bookmaking from start to finish which begins with an introduction to the different kinds of storytelling; students will brainstorm their ideas for a story in each genre, then map their narratives and develop their characters, all in an effort to create an audiobook, an e-book, or a hand-bound book.

Let's Game!

(Grades 3-5): Our new gaming club welcomes your children to not only play some great games together, but also to learn from each other and discover new strategies and techniques.  We will provide online-based games such as Minecraft and MATHCOUNTS along with many other fun and educational gaming activities that promise to help build teamwork and community!

Musical Theater

The Musical Theater Club is an enriching opportunity for Lower School Students in Grades 4 and 5. Through the MTC, students will enhance their knowledge of all aspects of musical theater, including acting, dancing, singing, costume design, stage managing, publicity, stage lighting, sound systems, set design and production preparation. The MTC meets one day a week after-school for one semester, culminating with a performance for all participating members, open to the ASP community. Past performances have included: Holiday Road Trip, At The Bandstand, Wright!, and Jukebox Time Machine.


The Lower School Singers is open to any student in grades 3-5 who enjoys singing. Students will be developing their singing and music reading skills in an ensemble, in addition to enhancing self-confidence, building leadership skills, and creating bonds across grade levels. Through a variety of repertoire, students will additionally be introduced to different musical styles and genres. Numerous performance opportunities including the Winter and Summer ArtsPlosion concerts, Vocal 3D, International Day and local Retirement Communities. The ensemble meets once a week after school for the entire school year. 


(Grades 3-5): France is home to the lovely clay courts, and tennis is one of its most popular sports and certainly a central cultural experience for many French students. Your child will take lessons in French with our instructors from Players Tennis Academy (off-campus and transportation is provided to and from the courts) and all levels are welcome. The focus is on developing all skills involved in this beautiful game. Students must have their own tennis shoes and rackets to participate.

For more information on Athletics, click here.

If you are current member of the ASP community and are interested in signing up for a Co-curricular activity, please refer to the Parent Portal for full schedules and sign up information.