American School of Paris - Cafeteria


ASP has two cafeterias: one for the Lower School students, and one for the Middle and Upper School students. Details about weekly menus and the parent FAQ can be found on the Parent Portal. 

It is our belief that students who are enrolled in the cafeteria program should receive a healthy and satisfying meal every day. Our goal is to prepare meals that are nutritionally balanced and pleasing to the children. We also integrate organic food when possible. Additionally, we continue to look for ways to ensure that our cafeteria is eco-friendly by reducing the use of plastic and other disposable items and providing a comprehensive and easy-to-use recycling system.

Our Cafeterias provides homemade food and favors vegetables and fresh seasonal fruits as well as organic products. Our cafeterias are green-friendly! We use reusable cutlery, plates, and glasses. 

Lower School Cafeteria
(K5-Grade 5)
  • Lower School students eat in the cafeteria dedicated to their division.
  • Lower School students can either enjoy the Hot Lunch Program on offer at school by our French chefs, or they can bring a packed lunch from home. Microwaves are available to heat packed lunches.
  • We strive to prepare meals that are nutritionally balanced and pleasing to children and which integrate organic food.
  • As always, if your child has allergies or requires a special diet, please inform us.

Note: Children in the three-year-old class bring their lunch from home and eat in their classroom.

Middle & Upper School Cafeteria
(Grade 6-12)

American School of Paris - Middle School and Upper School Cafeteria

  • Middle and Upper School students may choose from a variety of freshly made hot and cold dishes including vegan and gluten-free options, on an à la carte basis.
  • Offerings rotate daily.
  • Parents of these students may recharge their child’s cafeteria card through our online recharge system.

Parents may recharge their child's cafeteria card through our online recharge system.