American School of Paris - Wellness Program

Wellness Program

Dear Parents, Teachers, and Staff,

Fitness has become a trend in Paris. Everywhere you look in and around the French capital, people are joining running clubs, exercising outdoors and at health clubs, and flooding the Bois de Boulogne on the weekends . . . all in an effort to get fit. A city known more for its gourmand restaurant-goers and tennis players are now running marathons and discovering Pilates at a record pace. In this context, we are pleased to push this trend with our 2016-17 Wellness programming.

As part of our continuing commitment to our Mindfulness and Wellness initiative launched last year, the Extension Program is offering various workshops and activities intended to reduce stress and stimulate the mind and body, including some new opportunities to be active outside of our campus like Tennis and Golf.

In addition, these community offerings can bolster your confidence in French or English language, as some of the activities will be offered in French and others in English.

We are grateful to have passionate and knowledgeable instructors from our own ASP community, and the activities are diverse enough to appeal to our wide body of members.

Enroll ONLINE starting Thursday 17 November. Each activity must have a minimum number of students and does have a maximum limit. Browse through the programming below, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions at The rich list of activities includes:

  • Yoga (in English)
  • Cross-training Fitness (in English)
  • Kickboxing (in English and French)
  • Meditation (in French)
  • Weight-bearing Fitness (in English and French)
  • Tennis / Golf (in French)

Several other courses like French Cuisine Cooking, Pilates, and ASP’s Book Club will begin in January, and we will be sure to send you details for registration after the new year.

Also be sure to check out our ASP Portal page where you will find important health screening resources, educational links and videos, news about workshops and conferences on MINDFULNESS, and helpful numbers to exercise facilities in the Paris region.

We are looking forward to another year becoming fit together!

John Kim, Director, Extension Program

ANNOUNCEMENTS Dance Workout Zumba closed (Thursday mornings)