American School of Paris - Excellence Fund

The Excellence Fund


What is the Excellence Fund?
Tuition is budgeted wisely, but advancing the school above and beyond requires more than tuition alone can provide. That’s where the Excellence Fund comes in! It is a nimble way to go a step further and respond to extraordinary opportunities as soon as they arise. If a teacher, student, or parent has a great idea mid-year, the Excellence Fund can help the idea blossom within just a few weeks.

Participation is the most important aspect of the Excellence Fund.
No gift is too small or too large. Your gift is a vote of confidence in ASP and makes an immediate and lasting impact on education and school experience.

We encourage our entire community to participate.
We invite parents, faculty, alumni and friends, to support our students and teachers through the Excellence Fund.

When you invest in the Excellence Fund, you invest in each and everyone of our students. Here’s how:

  • Funds can only be used for a thoughtful idea proposed by a student, teacher, or parent;
  • The Excellence Fund Grant Committee (including Administrators and faculty) ensures applications meet rigorous, mission-driven criteria and are allocated across all school divisions;
  • Funding remains outside the operational budget, providing resources within 4-6 weeks of request; and
  • The Excellence Fund places confidence in our students’ and teachers’ ability to create the future of teaching and learning.