Poetry by Heart - Middle School


Students in Grades 6 and 7 have been working on memorizing poems for the annual Poetry By Heart in-house event. Beyond just learning and understanding their poems, they have been practicing skills in eye contact, enunciation, inflection, rhythm, pace, and volume, all of which are features of a successful poetry recitation. How fortunate we were to have Amanda Gorman as the perfect model!

There will be two rounds of poetry recitations in each grade level. The first round will comprise every student in Grades 6 and 7 while the second round will feature the best performers from the first round. The recitation rounds will all take place in academic blocks in the PAC where physical distancing is easy and students can recite their poems on stage.

Quick At-a-Glance Schedule

Grade 7 First Round: February 2 and 3
Grade 6 First Round: February 4 and 5
Grades 6 and 7 Second Round: February 10 and 11

Participating students in Grade 8 are also hard at work learning their poems.

ASP will be coordinating the inter-schools MS final in late Spring. More details will follow.