American School of Paris - Graduation

Academic Intensive SAT Prep

April 16-20 during the first week of April vacation

Grades 11 - 12 / 1ère - Terminale

  • Math + Reading :10h00 - 15h45 (with lunch break) (750€)
  • MATH only: 10h00 - 12h30 (395€)
  • READING only: 13h15 - 15h45 (395€)

(395€ for only Math or Reading); (750€ for both Math and Reading)

We are pleased to offer an INTENSIVE TEST PREPARATION SESSION here at ASP during 2 weeks before this important date.

With our partners Mindspire and Khan Academy, we want to help you to be as well prepared as possible for the SAT. The intensive Reading and Math sessions will also include individualized data analysis from a free mock exam.