Summer Camp in English

 That is the number of  years that the Extension Summer Camp Program has been offering its students an exceptional   academic and cultural experience.  We propose not only a high quality, full-fledged  linguistic program but one that also covers all aspects of American culture through its traditions, history and arts.

Throughout the years, we have established a  reputation of excellence thanks to our team of teaching professionals. 

At the start of each Summer Camp, our teachers prove themselves with innovation and creativity through an original linguistic approach that brings out the maximum learning potential in each student. This approach motivates each learner with a constructive eye and imagination that makes the student feel part of the group. 

Our mission: to give each language learner the necessary tools to develop his/her individual talents.

Primary Summer Camp

Primary Immersion

Prek - K to Gr 5
Four tracks of English Level: beginner, intermediate, advanced, fluent
Dates: July 8 – 12, July 15 – 19
Hours: 9:30 am – 4:00 pm
Fees: €610 per week

An immersion program that offers academic and interactive/playful activities in English.

Each week, the class time, dedicated to the study of language, is integrated with arts and crafts, music, drama and sports, to expand each student's learning experience.

Storytelling and "show and tell" are some of the numerous projects designed to encourage self-expression, self-confidence and curiosity. All activities circle around a theme in order to achieve total language immersion. 

A class opens with a minimum of 8 students.

Age, grade, and English language acquisition level are factored into the class composition.

Our team of teachers may decide to modify a child's initial placement in order for him/her to benefit from a great language experience in our Summer Camp.

Secondary Summer Camp

Secondary Program: 

Grade 6 to 12
Four tracks of English Level: beginner, intermediate, advanced, fluent
Dates: June 24-28; July 1-5; July 8-12 and July 15-19
Hours and Fees: depending on the option chosen (see below)



9:30 am. – 1:00 pm
Fee: €510 per week.



9:30 am. – 4:00 pm
Fee: €610 per week.

Morning Class

Class time consists of daily intensive English courses. The program proposes an interactive language learning experience through immersion. 

Through our pedagogical approach, our students experience another culture and broaden their horizons beyond a conventional linguistic acquisition. 

Our students work together to maximize learning, both individually and collectively. The objective is to encourage higher achievement and greater productivity by stimulating motivation, higher-level reasoning, and critical thinking.

Each student's personal and academic strengths are reinforced, while developing self-esteem, responsibility, and social competences. 

Students' interactions are promoted through learning materials such as newspaper articles, music, documentaries, movies, etc.

Each student's level of English proficiency is evaluated on his first day at the Summer Camp.

A minimum of 8 students is required to open a class.

Afternoon activities

In addition to morning classes, the Summer Camp offers a variety of optional activities in English between 2pm and 4pm . Students must be registered for the morning classes to take part in the afternoon activities.

Please see below for the complete description of the proposed activities.

American Sports

Discover American Sports activities!  Participate in a cycle of several sports per day such as basketball, baseball, floor hockey, flag football etc..

Leadership, team spirit, and American prospective on team building are also part of the learning during sports activities.

Visual Arts

Learn how to express your creativity. 

Week 1 : Plaster casts and designers to create tiles

Create an impression with weeds and flowers in clay, or design your own with clay tools.


Week 2 : Wire Sculptures. Understand the concept of a wire figure and create Bonsai tree Sculptures.  

Week 3 : Drawing and Painting. Students create their own art piece and learn about various art styles of design using pencil, ink, water color, and acrylic painting on canvas.


Week 4: Block Printing 

Students learn the process of foam and linoleum cut printing. It involves drawing deep lines into styrofoam or lino, and using paint to transfer the image. 


Students experience the thrill and excitement of performing on stage. Students have fun rehearsing and putting together a mini show. Throughout the Camp, drama, musical and improvisation are proposed to the students.

American Culture

A collaborative learning journey across America's history, arts and culture.

Students discover American Culture through an interactive, collaborative guided research project that culminates into a mural or individual portfolio.

Each student selects an area of focus from a choice of topics such as Native Americans, Hollywood and famous American movies, U.S. landmarks, presidents, states and cities, route 66, national parks, historical events, comics, food culture etc.,  and contributes to the collective mural by researching then selecting printed material, quotes, text, images and designs. 

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