Transportation, Lunch and Games Hour Options


An ASP Extension BUS SERVICE OPTION is offered for Paris and the Western Suburbs.

  • Only students who are registered to the ASP Extension Summer Camp are allowed on the bus (No parents /guardians allowed on buses)
  • Middle and Upper school students may accompany Lower school siblings off the bus, otherwise the child must be picked up by an authorized adult at the bus stop.
  • Bus routes and/or bus stops may be subject to change and /or cancellation prior to the start of the camp if the number of students enrolled in the bus option is not sufficient.

For more details: 

Round trip :  100€ per week

One way :        70€ per week


A LUNCH OPTION (starter, main course, desert and drink) is offered to students who sign up on a full week basis.

Microwaves, utensils, napkins and water are provided to all students during lunch time

Students who are not registered for the lunch option are invited to bring a lunch box.


Fees : 45€ per week



GAMES HOUR (4-5pm) is a transition hour for parents who do not have the possibility to pick up their child(ren) at the end of the camp 4.00pm. 

Students from all ages (Primary and Secondary) participate for an additional hour in various games and activities in English.

For logistical purpose, children who are signed up for this option cannot leave the campus before 5.00pm.

There is no bus service after the Games Hour. 

Fees : 72€ per week

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