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Giving Back: Why We Give to ASP

Giving Back: why we give to ASP


Giving back is at the heart of the ASP experience, and in every corner of our community, you can see incredible examples of students, faculty, staff, and parents, giving of their time, energy, and enthusiasm to important projects near and far. From our whole-school initiatives like raising cans to fill the local Restos du Coeur foodbank, to sponsoring entire school communities and educational initiatives in the Kalahari Desert or Rishikesh, India, or spearheading projects that improve our campus, opportunities to make a positive impact on the world are everywhere. 

The ASP Annual Fund

One key form of giving back that happens at ASP is the community’s support for our Annual Fund. Behind the scenes, parents, alumni, trustees, and community partners come together to support ASP’s growth, and to invest in the future of education.

While gifts to the ASP Annual Fund may be less immediately visible, compared to 15,000 cans piled high in the halls, or a table full of baked goods donated by families to support local healthcare workers, this kind of support helps our community educate the next generation of students prepared to change the world for the better. 

Officially launched in 2019, the ASP Annual Fund contributes to the long-term future and sustainability of our school, helps us respond to new changes and challenges, and enables us to continue to provide the best education possible for our students. 

Our Projects

Last year, our Annual Fund was dedicated to supporting three main areas: our COVID-19 health and safety response, the technology needs of students as we prepared for anything from on-campus learning to distance learning, and financial assistance that allowed students to continue their ASP education in the midst of uncertainty. 

This year, the ASP Annual Fund will allow the school to continue to buffer the effects of COVID-19 and support members of the community unexpectedly impacted by the pandemic, to plan the diversification of our athletics program, and to develop our innovative projects in social justice and student entrepreneurship.

To better illustrate why ASP families give, we sat down and spoke with parent donors Iman Al-Kawari and Fei Dong Hudry, who donated to the ASP Annual Fund, to learn more about what motivates them to support ASP in this way. 

Why do you give to ASP?

In an international community, perspectives on giving and philanthropy can vary widely. After 2020 and the upheaval of COVID-19, even families with the strongest tradition of giving are taking a moment to reflect on their situation and the near-term future before making a gift. 

Both Fei and Iman were greatly impacted by their own memories of being students, by their children’s experiences at ASP, and the role that ASP plays in their family’s life. For Fei and her husband, ASP is “une institution assez exceptionnelle” (an exceptional institution); they acknowledge that both the educational and global context in which ASP is situated require the school to continuously evolve in order to maintain its level of excellence in an ever-changing world. For the Hudry family, this calls the community to give, “une attention de tous les instants et un soutien de l’ensemble des parties prenantes,” or a constant attention and support from stakeholders. 

Iman, whose children have been in all three Divisions at ASP, reflected on why she and her husband give to ASP, noting that school is, especially for children who grow up outside of their home cultures, “the way that [her] children are discovering the world.” In thinking about how much time her children spend at school, Iman shared that ASP, “is the community that is going to raise my children” and that giving to the school is, “an investment for my family, and for other families who might not be in the same position to give.”

How do you hope that your gift makes an impact on the community

Giving is often inspiring for parents, as they consider the impact their gift may have on the school community. For Fei, one of the goals of giving to ASP is to, “marquer notre attachement à la mission de l’ASP mais aussi de témoigner notre reconnaissance à l’ensemble des équipes que nous côtoyons au quotidien” (to show our attachment to ASP’s mission, and also to demonstrate our appreciation and acknowledgement for the teams that we work with on a daily basis.)

Similarly, Iman gives because, “I know it is going to make a difference… the world is changing every day, and we have to adapt… ASP is the school that truly adapts to the lifestyle and the world that we live in.” Beyond ASP’s beautiful campus, and the “breathtaking” place for children to learn, ASP has adapted to work with children from every background, with a diversity of needs and dreams. 

Fei and Iman’s reflections on how ASP touches the lives of students and parents turned to the current global health crisis, and how ASP has responded to COVID-19.

Has your perspective on giving back changed in the last year?

The enormous global impact of COVID-19 has been felt especially keenly in school communities, and this has impacted both how our families give, and why. 

Both Fei and Iman wanted to express their gratitude for ASP’s response to distance learning in the spring time; Fei said, “j’ai été vraiment impressionnée par la façon dont l’ASP a réagi au premier confinement en mars 2020. La mobilisation des enseignants et de l’ensemble des équipes a été exceptionnelle.” (I was really impressed with how ASP reacted during the first confinement in March of 2020. The engagement of teachers and staff was exceptional.) Indeed, Fei continued, “Les enseignant(e)s ont fait preuve d’un dévouement hors norme et l’école a vraiment été un modèle d’optimisme et de stabilité durant cette période si incertaine. C’est dans ces moments de crise que se révèlent les grandes institutions!” (the teachers have shown an extraordinary devotion, and the school truly was a model for optimism and stability during such an uncertain time. It’s in these moments of crisis where great institutions are revealed!)


Do you have a message to share with other community members who are considering making a gift to ASP?

Beyond the challenge of a national confinement, both parent donors remarked that ASP has truly done the incredible work of mitigating potential learning losses that have greatly concerned schools and governments alike.  

For Iman, ASP’s response has ensured both that “our kids are safe, and that they are not missing a year of school… We are blessed to be at ASP.” When asked what she would say to parents who are in a position to give this year, she affirmed that giving this year, “is to make sure that ASP is supported, due to the fact that our teachers remain in good health to receive our children, that the space provided on campus lets kids social distance, and [that they have] the equipment and electronic devices to continue learning.” Iman’s motivation to donate comes from how well ASP has supported students and families during this time.  

We hope that you enjoyed this insight into why some of our parent community gives, and we look forward to sharing more stories of how the ASP Annual Fund plays a role in our community. 






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