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American School of Paris - founded 1946

Celebrate our 75th Birthday with 7 Reasons to Love ASP and 5 Ways to Give

We're celebrating our 75th year of excellence in education, and the month of February is a special time. It marks an important moment in our fundraising calendar as we launch our #LoveASP appeal and focus on reasons to love––and support––our school.

As we celebrate our 75th birthday, you'll hear from Caroline MacDonald, our Director of Advancement, about seven great reasons to Love ASP and five ways support our Annual Fund to continue to build our school’s future. 

Our History and the Annual Fund

For seven decades, since 1946, ASP has been a home to children and families from around the world. As a non-profit establishment, every penny that is paid in tuition is reinvested in our programs, campus, and facilities. The ASP Annual Fund helps take those pennies further so we can extend our reach and continue to invest in the exceptional education we deliver for our students. Each donation is an investment in their future, from ASP to university and into the working world. Here are seven great reasons to Love (and support) ASP.

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One: Our Curriculum

At ASP, we offer a creative, holistic, and innovative curriculum that opens doors and opportunities for our students to learn critical skills for the real world.

ASP’s service learning program gives students in every division a chance to make a difference in the lives of others. Whether contributing to the Restos du Coeur can-drive, developing entrepreneurial projects, or finding creative solutions to support Romanian orphans, schools in India, or refugees in Paris, service learning is fully integrated into our curriculum.

ASP Employment

Two: Our Faculty and Staff

Of course, the backbone of our curriculum, and our school, is our incredibly talented, forward-thinking, and devoted faculty and staff. They hail from over 30 different nationalities and bring to our school their experience, knowledge, and love of teaching. Whenever I talk to alumni about their time at ASP, be they recent graduates, or from way back in the early days, they always have a kind word or memory about a teacher or member of staff. 

Three: Innovative Technology

At ASP, our Innovation and Design department is pushing the boundaries of teaching every day. Technology and innovation, at every level, is made possible thanks to the generous support of past parents. From our Possibility Lab in the Lower School to our Fab Lab and Tech Shop with 3D printers, laser cutters, and computer-aided design.


Four: The Arts

From design thinking to doing, ASP goes beyond when we consider what our students create, paint, sculpt, compose, sing, and record. Be it our school musicals, band, or choir groups who are consistently outperforming other schools, the Clash of the Titans film competition, or digital music teaching, the sky’s the limit when it comes to Art at ASP. 

Five: Athletics and Activities

That being said, ASP is not just outperforming in the Arts, it is also pushing boundaries in Athletics and Activities. Our newly-renovated Community Sports Area, made possible by generous donations from ASP families, has come into its own with Basketball, Softball, Hockey, and Piquet Ball. Teams are once again heading out to compete in the International Schools Sports Tournaments and new activities for the Lower School are being made possible thanks to the generous support of Champion Spirit. 

Six: Our Incredible Campus

These choices would not be available without our beautiful, expansive, green campus, and, leading the way in transforming our sporting program is Gwinyai Jambga, our Athletics & Activities Director, who just happens to be one of our amazing alumni.


Seven: Our Alumni

The success and impact our school is having every day can be seen in our 18,000 strong alumni network. Graduates who have studied at universities and colleges around the world continue to show their love for ASP, and many come back to ASP to mentor our students, share their stories, inspire our Seniors at Graduation, and support our school in its growth. 

We know there are many more reasons to #LoveASP but we hope these 7 reasons resonate. We are truly grateful for your support, and invite you to join us in one of these five ways to show your love. 

5 ways to show your love

  • Celebrate ASP’s 75th birthday with a gift of €75, €750 or any other amount to the Annual Fund

  • Help us reach our goal with a leadership gift of €7500

  • Honor a teacher with a gift to ASP

  • Make a gift to celebrate a birthday or special occasion 

  • Adopt a bench

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