Adopt A Bench

A vibrant international community. A peaceful green campus. Memories made years ago and experiences lived now. Your home in Paris, your seat at ASP.

Benches on campus are where students come together to share laughter in the sunshine or to study in fresh air; where teachers can plan their lessons and exchange with one another; where parents can watch softball games and soccer practice; where staff enjoy lunch in the company of the entire ASP community. They are also places where alumni who return to campus can linger to take in the place that they once called home during their magical years in Paris. When you sit on these benches, you will likely notice their plaques and you may find yourself wondering what the story is behind each unique inscriptiom. You are not just resting on a bench, you are sharing a memory.

At ASP you have the opportunity not only to support this effort but also to leave your legacy.

Adopt a bench and the plaque is yours to name, your memory to leave. Honor a teacher, celebrate your child's graduation, or recognize a loved one. Leaving Paris? Mark your family’s time here and ensure you’ll always have a place to return to. The benches were unveiled at the Homecoming and Community Celebration in 2018 in the presence of hundreds of ASP families and alumni. Thousands of students, parents, faculty, staff, and visitors walk through our campus each year, why not leave them wondering what the story is behind your plaque?

To adopt a bench, please fill out the request below. Once your form has been submitted, you will be redirected to finalize your gift online. 


  • Bench adoptions are fully tax deductible. Gifts of €5,000 may be remitted to ASP for a French gift receipt. Gift of $6,500 may be remitted to the American School of Paris Foundation for a US gift receipt.
  • Bench adoptions received will be fabricated and installed within three months of the gift date.
  • Please contact for more information.