Performing Arts

At the American School of Paris we believe that the performing arts are essential to the holistic, student centered educational program we seek to present.

The performing arts curriculum and co-curricular activities offer myriad chances to celebrate, challenge, instruct, encourage, value, appreciate and affirm our student body; the cultures they share and the beliefs they hold. Participation in the performing arts is a powerful and immediate way of fostering friendships in a fun, collaborative and supportive atmosphere.


The performing arts have enormous intrinsic value, and are recognized with equal curricular time in the daily schedule. However, it is their ability to also greatly enhance academic, social, emotional and cultural aspects of student life, that places them in a unique position within a holistic education.

Joining a performing arts class or activity:

  • Contributes greatly to the quality of student life.
  • Offers an outlet for student creativity, energy – both physical and mental, passion, emotion, imagination, humor, discussion, innovation and debate.
  • Is inclusive - accessible to all, regardless of training, talent, language ability, physical prowess or courage.
  • Promotes desirable workplace skills of personal organization, independence and collaboration, perseverance, resilience, and a sense of long-term purpose.
  • Instills understanding and empathy as an informed member of an audience and a lifelong patron of the arts.