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Friends of the Arts

Friends of the ArtsFOTA is a Parent Faculty Association (PFA) organization designed to support the art experience at the American School of Paris. Its goal is to assist art teachers and students in making their events and programs run smoothly. FOTA organizes post-concert receptions, various theatrical production and art exhibit logistics, the IB Theater Festival, and more. FOTA also raises funds in support of arts events and to sustain the “Diane Flaum/Bev Price Arts Scholarship.” (see below for more information).

Contact FOTA at for additional information.

The Diane Flaum/Bev Price Arts Scholarship


Diane Flaum was an integral part of the parent volunteers during almost seven years at ASP, whether it was room mother, which she did over the years for all three of her children, the many activities of PFA, theatre or music. Most importantly, she was the impetus behind the Friends of Music group from the very beginning. She and Charles, her husband, revived the group after it had been dormant for several years and brought it to what it is today, an active parent group in both fund-raising and moral support for the music department.

Beverly Price, here in Paris for just over three years, left an enormous imprint on the school, having been PFA president two years in a row, 1991 and 1992, and Board of Trustees member in 1992 and 1993. She was active at ASP from almost the moment she set foot in the school. As PFA president she felt a great need to get the new parents active and feeling at home in the school and created several very successful programs for doing this.

These two women had several things in common, but probably the two that brought them the closest were their courageous battles with cancer and their dedication to ASP.

A memorial fund in the names of these women was established as a long term investment. The Arts Scholarship was set up drawing from the interest of this fund and supplemented by the fundraising efforts of the Friends of Music. The criteria and selection process was updated in June 2006. At the same time, Friends of Music has changed the name to Friends of the Arts in order to better describe the support that this group provides for all of the arts at ASP. The Memorial Fund remains in an account under the name of Friends of Music which is a legal association registered with the commune of Saint-Cloud.

Criteria for Selection

  1. Candidates must be graduating seniors or in their 13th year.
  2. Candidates should be active in two of the three fields: music, theater or art (including studio art, photography, ceramics, film and video production etc.)
  3. Candidates should be considered “outstanding” in at least one of these fields.
  4. Candidates should demonstrate a true commitment to the arts. They should be supportive of the programs as a whole as well as their other students and teachers involved.
  5. As this award is given as recognition of achievement, candidates will be nominated by teachers. It is not a scholarship which is applied for by the students themselves or parents on their behalf.
  6. If no candidate meets the criteria for selection one year, no award will be given.
  7. If more than one candidate meets the criteria, the award may be shared between a maximum of two students.
  8. The current award has been set at EURO 2,000 (if the award is shared, each recipient will receive 1,000).
  9. Selection Process is coordinated by Chairperson of Friends of the Arts.


All Upper School Visual or Performing Arts faculty will be requested to present to the Chairperson of Friends of the Arts:

  • One list of students who are outstanding in their specific area along with a short paragraph as to why each is considered to be outstanding.
  • A second list of students who are active and have an above average participation in their area.

The selection committee is composed of the following: Chairperson of Friends of the Arts, Treasurer of Friends of the Arts, Upper School Director and all Upper School faculty in the above fields. A quorum of 5 members present will be necessary to select the recipient. Any committee member having a child nominated will not be eligible to serve.

The award will be given at the graduation ceremony by the Chairperson of Friends of the Arts or delegate.


September: Information is available on the web site and distributed to all arts teachers at the start of each school year

End of April: Email to all art teachers soliciting information on students

Mid/end May: Deadline for info ensuring that all arts activities will have had the opportunity to be taken into account and a timely selection for graduation allowed

End May: Selection to finalize the recipients of the award.

Graduation: Presentation of scholarship by Chairperson of Friends of the Arts or delegate

Recent Recipients

2013-14 Mr Justin Frank
2008-09 Mr Eric Hian-Cheong
2007-08 Miss Kelley Lowe
2006-07 Mr Tommy Wahnish & Miss Nicolette Schleismam
2005-06 Mr Yann Green & Miss Elizabeth Hoffman

Support the Scholarship Fund

Please contact Emily A. Robin, Director of Development and Alumni Relations, at and the current Chair of Friends of the Arts at for details on making a donation to the Scholarship Fund.