American School of Paris - ASP in Arts

Digital Filmmaking

Lights, Camera, Action!

ASP’s Digital Filmmaking provides students opportunities to:

  • learn technical aspects of digital production, including cinematography, non-linear editing, lighting, and computer-based special effects; and
  • develop an idea so that it translates well as a story on screen

From "crowd-pleasers" to serious documentaries, budding filmmakers learn to create original, well-structured stories, with compelling characters and settings and are provided with technical guidance to bring those stories to life on film.

A highlight of the end of the school year is the ASP Film Festival in the Performing Arts Center, an exciting showcase of filmmaking talents, complete with an awards ceremony.

Digital Filmmaking Courses at ASP

RebelTV - RebelNation Korea

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RebelTV - RebelNation Brazil

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ASP Film Festival 2017 Trailer

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