Class of 2018

The Homecoming and Community Celebration also lent itself to resounding support from the ASP community. Upon registration, 75 gifts were given to the American School of Paris! Because of your generosity, the future is here! 

12 benches were also donated, each with a special inscription, leaving behind a story and a legacy at ASP. A story of a group of friends from the 1980's, banding together to donate a bench in memoriam of their classmates, giving them forever a place and a legacy at ASP. You can follow the story here on their dedicated Facebook page. Be sure to check back often for photos and updates. 

Or the story of Mr. Metz, a former softball coach who attended the Homecoming and Community Celebration to not only reconnect with his past, but to also celebrate his 80th birthday. To his surprise, a bench was dedicated in his honor where it faces the softball field and where his legacy and passion for the sport and for ASP live on. 



If you would like to dedicate a bench, please visit our bench page for further information.