Class of 2018

From our newest to our most senior alumni, what was so evident throughout our Homecoming weekend is that we are part of an extended school community with deep affection for this institution. Hundreds of alumni reconnected with classmates and former teachers, feeling at home on our campus even if much had changed since their ASP days.  A momentous occasion to unite the past with the present, as we celebrated the future.

Alumni flew thousands of miles to be with us and as our board member Peter Barnet '61 pointed out, "You only come back to a school that you love." Which of course has to do with lasting relationships inherent in an ASP experience. You can watch Peter's speech on our Facebook page here.

We dedicated our new campus, where the construction project is complete after 27 months. We have three new buildings and renovated existing classroom spaces in which ASP students are learning in ways that would not have been possible just three years ago. Truly, the Future is Here!