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Reconnect now with ASP classmates and friends!

We have an exciting calendar of reunions for 2019-20:

London: Friday, November 1, 2019

Paris: Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Boston: Thursday, April 16, 2020

ASP Campus: Friday, June 5, 2020 (Class of 2010 reunion)

For more information and to RSVP, contact ASP Alumni Office

Please check back throughout the year as more dates will be added.

Unless otherwise noted, reunions are for all classes; all past ASP students, parents, faculty and staff are encouraged to attend!


Past Gatherings & Events

Paris - June 9, 2017

Dozens of graduates and former students, past parents, current families, and faculty and staff gathered at the home of ASP alumni parents for a fun and family-friendly evening in the heart of Paris.

It was a very special evening, as ASP's "traditional alumni" welcomed the newest class of ASP alumni, including 2017 graduates and families departing Paris after the school year.

Thanks to the Keane family and to the ASP community for coming together for such a wonderful evening!

Houston - March 21, 2017

On a gorgeous spring evening, alumna Cecille Carameros Shannon '64 opened her home to fellow ASP graduates, former students, and past parents in the Houston area. Young and not-as-young enjoyed the recalling their experiences as ASP students and families in Paris, and plans were made to reconvene on campus in June 2018 for the Homecoming and Community Celebration.

Thank you, Cecille, and we'll see you and all the ASP Houstonians in Saint-Cloud next June!

Boston - October 20, 2016

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name and they're always glad you came!

With much gratitude to our hosts Heather, Robert, and Sabrine Keane '14, we were so glad 75 ASP alumni came to spend the evening together in Boston! ASP Deputy Head of School Aaron Hubbard, Dean of Students Craig Vezina, Director of Development and Alumni Relations Emily Robin, and Trustee Ilse Willems joined ASP graduates and former students, past parents, and former faculty and staff for a wonderful night of rekindling past connections and celebrating the future of ASP.

Thanks to the Keanes and to everyone who attended!

Class of 1976 40th Reunion - New York - May 2016

ASP alumni from the 1970s gathered in New Yorkthis April for ASP Rocks!, a weekend-long reunion gathering. Originally planned as a 40th reunion for the members of the class of 1976, event organizers Bob Steele '76 and John Hague '76 opened up the festivities to welcome alumni in surrounding classes as well. All told, ASP alumni from the classes of 1973-1981 -- over 60 attendees in all -- gathered to reconnect with one another and with ASP.

The program kicked off with an informal welcome reception on the evening of Friday, April 29, followed on Saturday night by a lively cocktail party at Zengo restaurant in midtown Manhattan. In between, alumni met for tours, dinners out, shows, and other activties. Mark Ulfers, Head of School, and Emily Robin, Director of Development & Alumni Relations, joined the partygoers and invited everyone to return to our new campus for Homecoming 2018.

Many thanks to Bob and John for their superb organizational skills and to the alumni who made sure that ASP rocked NYC!

Paris - April 8, 2016

On Friday, April 8, the annual Alumni Apéro took place in Paris. More than 60 ASP alumni, board members, past and current faculty/staff were out in force and included former students from 1952 to last year's grads. Guests mingled with old friends, made new acquaintances and discussed the Homecoming, while enjoying drinks and pub snacks.

Denver - January 15, 2016

Over 50 alumni from the years 1948 to 2010, past parents, and staff (Chris Chater, Renée Belec, Hillary Garnier) gathered at the beautiful Manassee family home in Denver, Colorado on January 15, 2016. The wine and champagne flowed as everyone shared memories and reminicsed about the good times spent at ASP, no matter what decade! Lots of talk was heard about the new campus and upcoming 2018 Homecoming in Paris. A wonderful event - Thank you Mark and Melissa Manassee!

London - October 8, 2015

Over 60 alumni and former faculty/staff from 1970's to 2015 gathered at the Neo Barbican Lounge in London to celebrate and walk down memory lane. Special guest Mona Stewart joined Chris Chater and Emily Robin, ASP's new Director of Development, in welcoming everyone. See more photos here.

Paris - July 9-15, 2015

July This reunion was organized by Sascha Ferguson for classes of late '80's. Click here for more photos.

Washington - May 29-31, 2015

May 29-31, 2015. Washington DC Reunion class of ’64 augmented by five members of the class of ’65 who were celebrating their 50th reunion. See more photos here. Organized by Jeffrey Milton.

Paris - April 10, 2015

Class of 1964 50th Reunion - Paris - October 24-25, 2014

On October 24-25, 2014 - Members of ASP's Class of 1964, currently living in North America, Europe, and Asia, returned to Paris for a multi-day special event: their 50 year High School Reunion. Highlights: a visit to the ASP campus in Saint-Cloud, meeting the Head of School, learning more about ASP present and future; afterwards, the classmates went on to Louveciennes and the campus where they had attended classes as students. Strong bonds remain between these classmates and with their school. It was an honor for ASP to welcome back this group, and a memorable experience for all! "MERCI" to Jeffrey Milton and Gerard Welker (Class of 1964) who organized this great event !

Las Vegas - October 12, 2014

Special thanks to Sascha Ferguson!

1950s Reunion - Washington DC - September 28, 2014

On September 28th, a group of 18 alumni from the 1950s held a reunion in Washington, DC. The event was organized and hosted by Linda Montgomery Palmer (’57). At the time these alumni attended, the school was known as the American Community School of Paris and was located in the town of Louveciennes (the school moved to our current location in Saint Cloud in 1967).

The reunion had a definite French flair…there was a large French flag hanging on the deck, tables were laid with French tablecloths and the evening ended with an enthusiastic rendition of La Marseillaise. Linda commented that “I am still quite amazed at how many came such a long distance to attend this event. Of course, everyone says that those years at ACS were among their fondest memories.” Alumni in attendance: Peter Riddleberger (’56), Edwin Martin (’59), Patsy Martin Sanjuan (’57), Peter Tanous (’56), Chris Kelly (’57), Frank Vita (’54), Arthur Mann (’59), Amanda McBath Spenger (’57), Bill Morrison (’55), Evie Tanous (’59), Martha Scott (’57), Marjorie Thornton Ackerman (’51), Kendrick Powell (’51), Janet Martin (’55), Karen Margulies Green (’55), Jean Pierre Tison (’56), Suzy Lipsitch Butterworth (’57), Linda Montgomery Palmer (’57).

1950s Reunion - Florida - September 27, 2014

On September 27, 2014 Linda Montgomery Palmer (1957), Martha Scott (1957), and Frank Vita (1954) shared ASP memories.

Class of 2003 10-Year Reunion - NYC - September 2014

On Labor Day weekend, members of the class of 2003 celebrated their 10 year reunion in New York City. The festivities were organized by Lauren Rurak DeNu. More than 40 people, from as far away as the Middle East, joined the festivities over the long weekend. The reunion commenced with a picnic at Sheep’s Meadow in Central Park. The main event was a cocktail and dinner at the beautiful osteria, Grotto NYC. Alumni enjoyed Italian specialties in the lush subterranean garden and shared memories of their years in Paris. Thank you, Lauren, for organizing a great event for ASP alumni!

Boston - May 2014

Close to 100 ASP alumni attended events over 2 days in Boston this past May. It was an exciting mix with classes from the 1950’s all the way to 2000’s represented. A huge thank you to Kathy Pruet (1988) and Meghan Dennis Palanza (1989) for sharing this great "reconnection"!

Paris - January 10, 2014

Paris - January 11, 2013

Philadelphia - September 2012

On Labor Day weekend, a group of 58 ASP alumni and guests gathered to celebrate and relive the glory days of "The Greatest Basketball Team Ever". On that Sunday, some 40 years after they all played together as a team, thirteen proud basketball legends donned their ASP jerseys one more time. In addition to the basketball game, the weekend included a dinner at Parc Restaurant and a farewell breakfast on Monday.

Reunion organizer Chuck Cosgrove ('72) said, "I had a spectacular time organizing it and enjoying it as it happened. There were moving moments of recognition; a short scream of joy, followed by a hug and tears as people recognized faces from long ago - making it all incredibly worthwhile!"

The bold all-stars included the following: Team 1972: Chuck Cosgrove, Jeff Hacker, Bob Jesberg, Michael Kirby, Steve Markus and Jim Murphy. Team Globetrotters: Shep Driver, Walter Gautreaux, Peter Rath, Simon O’Hanlon, Ian Shapiro and Jay Shapiro.

Bay Area - February 2012

On February 9th, San Francisco area alumni gathered at the home of Susan and Tom Reinhart for an evening of cocktails and camaraderie. Aaron Hubbard, Assistant Head of School, was on hand to share details of ASP’s recent land purchase and other exciting happenings on campus. Many were the laughs--and a few tears--as more than twenty alumni and past parents raised a toast to their former days (and nights!) at ASP.

Many thanks to past parents Susan and Tom Reinhart for hosting this lovely event for area alumni. The Reinhart’s three children (Kendall, Trevor and Cooper) all attended ASP during 2009-2010, then returned to the Bay area at the end of the school year. Kendall attends Dartmouth College, joining 2011 ASP grad Emma Willems in Hanover.

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