American School of Paris - FAQ


General Questions

What degree do graduates earn from ASP?

All graduates from ASP earn a U.S. high school diploma recognized by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the European Council of International Schools. In addition to the U.S. high school diploma, students can pursue the International Baccalaureate Diploma or Advanced Placement Diploma at ASP.

Can ASP graduates attend universities anywhere in the world?

Recent graduates from ASP have enrolled in colleges and universities in over twenty different countries around the world. ASP makes every effort to stay abreast of a wide variety of admission requirements and the college counselor works closely with administration and teachers in assisting students and parents with their course selection. We have been very proud of our ability to best help students maximize their potential for university admissions.

ASP is bigger than my child's school. Will it be a difficult adjustment?

First and foremost, ASP students are amazingly friendly and helpful. Secondly, at the beginning of each year we have an Orientation Program for both parents and students to acclimate to ASP. Thirdly, our size provides your child with more of a choice of friends, of activities and of subjects to study.

Are parents encouraged to be involved at the school?

Yes! Our Parent Faculty Association involves hundreds of parents in school activities and functions at every grade level. Parents play an invaluable role in organizing special events and fundraisers for our students, and parents are always welcome to volunteer their time and talents in helping out with these special events.

Does my child need to be fluent in English to attend ASP?

No. Many of our children are not fluent in English when they arrive and our teachers and our other students are skilled in making them feel at home. As an international school, ASP has students representing more than fifty different nationalities. To support this international population, we offer additional English language support at all grade levels from the Lower School through grade eight in the Middle School.

Does ASP accept students with special learning needs?

ASP does offer a learning support program. To determine if a child meets this requirement, a recent (less than 3 years) psycho-educational assessment report and other pertinent records regarding past educational plans and services should be submitted to the admissions office. The learning support staff will carefully evaluate the reports to determine whether we can offer an appropriate program. We can also assist by referring families to learning specialists for diagnostic testing, speech therapy and psychological support.

What is your school calendar?

Our school year generally begins the last week of August and finishes towards the middle of June.

How long is the school day?

School begins at 08:45 and ends at 15:30. After-school sports and activities for grades 3-12 run from 15.30 to 17.00 or 18.00, Monday to Thursday.

How does my child get to and from school?

While some parents drive their children to school themselves, the majority of our students use our comprehensive school bus service. Information about the areas covered by the ASP bus service are available from the Admissions Office.

I would like to exchange e-mails with a parent at your school. Can you recommend anyone I can get in touch with?

If you would like to be put in touch with a parent at our school via e-mail, please contact our Admissions Office and inquire about our Parent Ambassadors. They will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Admissions Questions

How long does it normally take before I know if my child has been offered a place at ASP?

Once we have received all of the documentation that we ask for in our application process, we are normally able to notify you of our decision within ten days. In July and early August this can sometimes take a little longer.

Does my child have to join ASP on a specific date: the beginning of the school year, for example?

No. It is possible for a child to begin school as soon as the admissions procedure is completed and a place has been offered. The Admissions office will contact you with the specific starting date.

Is there a deadline for application?

No, as we have a rolling admissions policy. We strongly suggest, however, that applications be completed by February of the year prior to entry in order to avoid waiting lists.

Do we need to come to ASP for an interview?

Although it is not required, should you and your child(ren) be in Paris, we would like to meet you. We will be happy to arrange a visit and tour of the school. You may e-mail or call +33(0)1 41 12 86 55 to schedule an appointment.

Can you accept children with learning disabilities?

Children with mild learning disabilities can integrate our program, although all students are in "mainstreamed" classes. Through our Special Learning Support Services we are able to offer support to students with diagnosed learning disabilities. There are three specialists on staff, in addition to a guidance/support teacher in Lower School. Private tutors are available for all grade levels, and are contracted by the families individually. We can refer families to learning specialists for diagnostic testing, speech therapy and psychological support. Families make arrangements privately with these outside specialists.

How can I pay the application fees?

Application fees can be paid online with VISA or MASTERCARD credit cards through a secure site. Connect to Application for details on how to proceed. ASP also accepts checks in Euros or in US dollars from a personal account, as well as bank checks in either currency. For payment by check in US dollars, please contact the Admissions Office at for the correct exchange rate.

What fees do I pay if I enroll or withdraw my child in the middle of the school year?

A partial year fee policy applies if your child is enrolled or withdrawn during specific periods. You will find the details on our Fees page.