American School of Paris - Discover Middle School

Discover Middle School

American School of Paris - Discover Middle School

Discovering and applying intellectual, physical and social talents with purpose

Reaching Farther

The Middle School at ASP is a bustling center of constant learning where students are challenged, stimulated and inspired to stretch beyond their comfort zone and expand their learning by:

  • Kindling the innate curiosity of early adolescents by advancing an inquiry-based curriculum approach that is challenging, integrated and connected to the real world.

  • Developing self-confidence, resilience, and a growth mindset, where ability and talent are developed through effort and persistence.
  • Creating a strong sense of belonging where close and trusting relationships between students and teachers promote the unique development of each student’s personal identity.

Innovation and Creativity

Technology is seamlessly integrated in our program to enrich learning and provide the tools and an environment where students become engaged in their learning, solve problems, explore their own creativity, make discoveries and pursue passions:

  • Innovating through an interdisciplinary approach which leverages a state of the art maker space with 3D printers, laser cutters and other emergent technologies to develop student creativity and real-world problem solving.

The World as a Classroom

ASP promotes an experiential learning environment where the learner is actively involved in the experience, is able to reflect and uses analytical skills to internalize the experience and reach a deep level of understanding by:

  • Using France as a learning laboratory for language development, culture and history– from the Latin Quarter to the French Alps to Verdun and on to Normandy.
  • Pushing students outside of their comfort zones through yearly Outward Bound adventures, and developing collaborative and team-building skills through our advisory program.
  • Tapping into student passions with diverse course offerings in arts, technology and service learning.

Exceptional Learning Results

ASP Middle School students consistently achieve beyond international school group averages on Measures of Academic Progress (MAP testing) in all grade levels across all disciplines. Our students are well prepared for a successful transition to the Upper School.