Discover Lower School

American School of Paris - Discover Lower School

Challenging and developing early learning that excites with wonder and warmth

A Supporting, Stimulating Environment Promoting Each Child's Personal Growth

  • A highly personalized and developmental curriculum and instructional practices, matched to students’ needs.
  • Intimate class sizes
  • Focusing on and challenging each child’s literacy learning in English and French, mathematics and science, paced to the ability and learning style of each child.
  • Emphasizing reading, writing, speaking and listening in English with daily French language learning and use.

Preparing for a Successful Learning Journey

  • Achieving beyond other international school group averages on Measures of Academic Progress (MAP Testing) in all grade levels across all disciplines.

Learning for the Future

  • Applying mobile technology teaching practices across all grade levels to enhance engagement and understanding for learning.

Safe, Dedicated Indoor and Outdoor Learning Spaces

  • Ensuring warm and caring relationships in learning spaces that surprise and excite.
  • Exploring in purpose-built discovery laboratories so all students experience wonder with first-hand investigations and hands-on inquiry into STEM - science, technology, mathematics and engineering (applied robotics).
  • Appreciating Paris and beyond as a learning laboratory for culture, history and aesthetics in the arts.