Support Services


The American School of Paris believes that a high quality education is a basic human right of all children. Including students with diverse learning needs is fundamental to who we are and how we build a compassionate and rich learning community. Therefore, ASP is committed to well-designed, research-based, and thoughtfully implemented teaching and learning practices that embrace a wide variety of learning differences.


We are proud to serve a large population of students from different national, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds. We strive to respect, value, and celebrate our diversity. Our students come to us with a wide variety of previous experiences, and complex learning, emotional, and social needs. We believe that all students deserve compassionate, responsive support at each step in their educational journey. Our suite of Support Services includes our Learning Support Program, which seeks to meet students academic and behavioral needs, as well as our English as an Additional Language (EAL) program, which focuses on students learning and improving their English language skills.

The Learning Support program at ASP is designed for students who need additional assistance in the classroom. Our highly trained educators offer in-class, small-group support based, and extension opportunities based on student needs. The Learning Support team works closely with each family to ensure that students thrive both in and outside of the classroom. 

Our EAL program is committed excellence in EAL education, and provides each EAL student with the English language support they need to be socially and academically successful, while valuing their home culture and mother language development. This program allows our non-native English speakers to acquire the level of English they need to communicate effectively and successfully in social and academic situations for the whole of their educational career.



Each student is unique, and the support we offer students is tailored to their individual profiles and academic or behavioral concerns. To enter either the Learning Support program or the English as an Additional Language program, students receive comprehensive evaluations which determine the level of support they require. Our educators communicate with families throughout the process, and are ready to answer any questions about how best to challenge, support, and nurture students outside of the classroom. 


Students across all divisions can receive one or more of our support services. Click to explore below.






Support services are integrated in the classroom, and allow us to include students with diverse learning needs in our school community.

- Troy Titterington, EAL Teacher