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Learning Support Services

The American School of Paris believes that a high quality education is a basic human right of all children. Including students with diverse learning needs is fundamental to who we are and how we build a compassionate and rich learning community. Therefore, ASP is committed to well-designed, research based and thoughtfully implemented teaching and learning practices that embrace a wide variety of learning differences.

The admission process for students with specialized learning needs, is guided by ASP’s inclusion statement and the availability of personnel and facility resources. It is essential that we are able to support and enable students to reach their fullest potential. With that goal in mind, an admissions panel evaluates the student’s ability to engage meaningfully and thrive throughout their time at ASP.

ASP offers a range of academic support services to children with mild and moderate levels of need, by providing learning accommodations and program modifications. The distinction between mild and moderate is commonly defined by the services provided. Mild levels of student learning needs are met predominantly by co-teaching, flexible in-class support and small-group support. Moderate levels of need are serviced through individualized intervention, co-teaching and/or curricular modifications. The Learning Support staff provides specific academic intervention and works with teachers to implement strategies in the classroom that result in an optimal learning experience for every child. Our goal is for students to become independent, lifelong learners. Students requiring more specialised services will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The decision to admit any student will be determined by the services available and individual student needs.

The Learning Support team works together to design an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) for every student requiring extra support to manage the demands of the curriculum with accommodations or modifications. ASP facilitates targeted therapeutic interventions on site, including speech and language therapy, and occupational therapy (note that in some cases, outside resources may be off site). We consider such interventions as fundamental within a balanced program by outside specialists for students who require such support. We can also provide referrals to professionals in the Paris area.

As a welcoming, and inclusive community, ASP expects families to engage fully with the school, by supporting our learning needs philosophy and providing the school with transparent background information. Failure to provide accurate information, or to disclose a previous diagnosis, may result in an admissions refusal or the subsequent removal of a placement. We are committed to constructive and respectful communication and we require the same of our families.


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