American School of Paris - Middle School Guidance


The Middle School Counselor, Anthony Suzzi-Valli, supports students and families in a variety of special roles.

These include:

  • meeting with individual students or small groups to discuss personal concerns or academic difficulties;
  • supporting the advisors in carrying out their pastoral roles;
  • advising the teaching team when a student has special needs such as specific learning disabilities;
  • providing guidance to families concerning their child's development, either intellectually, socially, or in any other way;
  • referring families to potential professional tutors in cases where a child is in need of
  • sustained instructional support;
  • referring families to specialized professional services in the Paris area for detailed educational testing of a diagnostic nature, for individual or family counseling, or for other potential psychological concerns (e.g., eating disorders or depression).
Parents may contact the Guidance Counselor at or at