The guidance program at ASP supports the academic, social, and emotional well-being of all students. Counselors work with students in individual and group settings to assist them in adapting to the school environment and to help them tackle any concerns that may arise during the adolescent years. The Counselors believe that facilitating open, clear communication between teachers, parents, and administrators is the best approach to meeting the needs of all students in the Middle School. Our overall goal is for students to reach their full academic and social potential, and to be engaged, global citizens that are equipped to meet the challenges they face now and in the future.

The Middle School Counselors support students and families in a variety of special roles. Some of those roles include:

  • Meeting with individual students or small groups to discuss personal concerns or academic difficulties
  • Supporting the Advisors in carrying out their pastoral roles
  • Advising the teaching team when students have special needs such as specific learning differences
  • Providing guidance to families concerning their child's development, either intellectually, socially, or in any other way
  • Offering an active parenting class to help parents develop strategies to support their child
  • Referring families to potential professional tutors in cases where a child is in need of sustained instructional support
  • Referring families to specialized professional services in the Paris area for detailed educational testing of a diagnostic nature, for individual or family counseling, or for other potential psychological concerns (e.g., eating disorders or depression)

Parents may email the Guidance Counselors, Anthony Suzzi-Valli and Jocelyn Kerr with any questions or concerns. 







Middle School Counselors build relationships with every student, and empower them to get involved and take ownership of their ASP experience.

- Jocelyn Kerr, Middle school Counselor