American School of Paris - Parent-Faculty Association PFA Contacts

Parent Liaisons

We have an amazing group of parent volunteers who have a wealth of knowledge ready to be shared. Here are some of the PFA volunteer resources available to you:

  • Grade Liaisons – parent volunteers for each grade level within our school. They are a point of contact and communication link for grade-specific activities. Throughout the year, parents will receive email updates regarding grade levels activities, events and volunteer opportunities. See the list in the tab below.
  • Neighborhood Liaisons – parent volunteers for most locations in Paris and the surrounding suburbs. A great resource to contact for information about your neighborhood or a neighborhood you might be considering. See the list in the tab below.

  • International Liaisons – as we are a multi-national school, you may want to get in touch with parent volunteers from your home countries or be able to ask questions in your “mother tongue”. See the list in the tab below.

For the complete list of PFA contacts, please refer to the sections below.

Executive Board


Lisa Young Hallenbeck

Vice President

Jo Hutton


Mhairi Pole


Priya Khote


Salma Alaoui Ismail

Organization Heads

PFA Communications

Christine Bockelman

Winter Fest

Kristyn Hoy

International Day

Barbara Bilodeau
Beverley Delay

Sports Boosters

Cathy McLaury
Stacey Schonauer

School Portraits Coordinator

Bart Kienhuis


Senior Parents Committee

Kristal Alley

Technology Support

Eric Chapon

Excellence Fund Ambassador

Don and Ilene Kramer

Welcome Program

Living Skills

Diana Levaton
Andrea Clemente

Faculty Representatives

Ron Schildge

Duncan McEachern

Grade Liaisons

The PFA has volunteer groups who work in direct liaison with the school divisions, home rooms and teachers. These representatives are a great resource for new families arriving at ASP.

Parent Head Liaisons:

One liaison per division represents the parent community at the monthly Board of Trustee Education meetings, is responsible for monthly meetings with each Division Director and Grade Level Liaisons.

Lower School

Chantal Cole

Middle School

Bart Kienhuis

Upper School

Delphine Dupont-Feau

Parent Grade Level Liaisons:

One each for grades K-5 and two each for grades 6-12. The K-5 liaisons are assisted by Room Parents in organizing class parties and events. The Grade Level Liaisons attend monthly meetings with the Head Liaisons for their Division to discuss activities, events and issues.

Lower School Head Liaison

Chantal Cole
3-Year-Old ClassStephanie

Kindergarten 1

Chantal Cole

Kindergarten 2

Salma Alaoui Ismail

1st Grade

Kathy Drahos

2nd Grade

Lauren Walker

3rd Grade

Wendy McLean

4th Grade

Nadia Pantin

5th Grade

Kristyn Hoy

Middle School Head Liaison

Bart Kienhuis

6th Grade

Charlotte Chabot
Andrea Garcia

7th Grade

Melissa Brown
Eunice Chapon

8th Grade

Kristyn Hoy

Upper School Head Liaison

Delphine Dupont-Feau

9th Grade

Ines Fernandez Xifra
Delphine Dupont Feau

10th Grade

Christine Sampaio
Theresa Foster

11th Grade

Carleen Pieper
Tracey Patel

12th Grade

Sabrina Reed
Laura Shepard

Neighborhood Liaisons

For many of our new families this will be their first time moving to France. To help them along the way, we have organized the Neighborhood Liaison program which is made up of current and former ASP parents currently living in your future neighborhoods.

Feel free to contact any one of your future neighbors to help get some of your questions answered!

Saint Cloud / Suresnes

Mhairi Pole


Tammy Collins

Vaucresson / Marnes La Coquette /
Versailles / Ville d’Avray / Le Chesnay

Sarah Snyder

La Celle Saint Cloud / Louveciennes /
Bougival / Rueil Malmaison

Sarah Snyder

The Yvelines (Department 78) all towns

Beverley Delay

Paris Rive Droite / 3 / 4 / 8 / 9 / 16 north & 17

Diana Levaton

Paris Rive Gauche / 5 / 6 / 7 / 13 / 15 & 16 south

James Cameron/
Veronique Bawol

Paris Ouest Boulogne-Billancourt /


International Liaisons and Language Liaisons

If there is no name next to the country liaison you seek, please contact the PFA President:

Recognizing the multi-national nature of ASP, in addition to the grade level parent liaisons, we have also organized international and language-centered parent liaison groupings. If you would like to get in touch with other parents from your home countries or be able to ask questions in your ‘mother tongue’ please do not hesitate to contact one of the following parent volunteers.


Arabic Language

Houda Alsbie

Spanish Language

Andrea Clemente

Italian Language



Brazil & Protugal

Andrea Clemente


Nathalie Beaumont


Anita Chen


Juliette De Roualle




Andrea Ionides


Aparna Sreedhar




Yael Bitton-Attali


Rosella Gerardo



The Netherlands

Monique Coenen

Clara Warndorff




Yulia Tikhonova

South East Asia


South Korea









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