Lower School
Grades K3–5




Innovation for a twenty-first century education is central to our curriculum. By providing challenging, practical, and innovative concepts and coursework, our students of all ages develop their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) skills through a variety of classes and workshops. 

State-of-the art technology equipment and science laboratories, in addition to continual teacher-training in technology and interdisciplinary approaches, further support student learning. In the Lower School, the Discovery Lab and the Possibility Lab are dedicated spaces for students' hands-on learning. Whether learning about the fundamentals of physics in the Discovery Lab, or realizing their own engineering and design projects in the Possibility Lab, children are free to explore, experiment, and wonder. 

In addition to use in dedicated spaces, technology is integrated in homeroom classes by the teachers, students, and our instructional technology coaches. Lower School students demonstrate their skills and showcase their work on a classroom website using school-provided tablets. From posting a video in French about poetry, to explaining their thinking in math class, students own their learning and co-create their digital portfolios.

Beyond planned art classes, our students attend regular workshops with an art teacher to develop their Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS). An art-focused learning concept, VTS develops students' cognitive and social skills, helping them to build their confidence and engage with variety of perspectives from a young age.



At ASP, we provide ready access to technology for learning to all students while taking an age-appropriate approach to devices. Lower School students have access to iPads (Grades K3–4) and netbook computers (Grade 5). In the Early Childhood program (Grades K3–1), students learn to use iPads as a tool to document their learning and exploration.

Between Grades 2–4, students work together with their teachers and instructional technology coaches to deepen their learning by explaining, animating, and sharing their work using different educational platforms. By Grade 5, students are ready to research critically, create new projects, and work collaboratively using technology.

Our campus is equipped with Wi-Fi and a wide range of web-based resources for research and online learning.

In the Possibility Lab, students have access to Cricut printers, 3D printers, a green screen wall for creative filming, programmable robots, and a host of other classic design and construction materials from Legos to hammers and nails! 







ASP empowers students to move from consumers of technology to creators. Students are free to make and to build, to take risks, to learn from failures, and to bring their ideas to life  

- Lindsey Dunn, Lower School Instructional Technology Coach