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La Bibliotheque K-7

The Lower School/Middle School (K- grade7) Library or La Bibliothèque is a bright, light, modern library for the 21st century and is a resource used daily by our students.

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A place, research, relax, plan, discover

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A place to...enjoy and share a good book together

American School of Paris - K-7 library team

Fall 2016: La Bibliothèque's Team welcomes you to their new location!

La Bibliothèque, the library for our Lower and younger Middle School students, features an extensive and continually renewed collection providing a centerpiece for all student learning with extensive online resources: Search our Collection

Library Policy

After School Use of Library

  • K-2 students must be accompanied by a parent and stay within eye contact.
  • 3-5 grade students should be enrolled in the homework club, or be accompanied by a parent.
  • 6-7 grade students must sign in at the Middle School Office before coming to the library.

Class Group Visits

Weekly scheduled class library visits :

  • K1 and K2: 30 minutes
  • 1-5 grade: 40 minutes
  • 6-7 grade: English classes once a month and flexible scheduling when needed Teachers must accompany their class to and from the library. They are invited to use their visit as their own library time and to assist with the reading and
    reference guidance of their students.

Teachers may schedule small groups independently.

Materials Access

All library materials are professionally cataloged and can be accessed through DESTINY OPAC MATERIALS CIRCULATION

  • K1 and K2 are allowed 3 books maximum for 1 week, however, we encourage daily book exchange.
  • Grades 1-7 are allowed 4 books maximum for 3 weeks, however we do encourage weekly book exchange.
  • All ASP Parents are allowed to borrow any reasonable number of books, DVDs or CDs

Teachers and staff are allowed a reasonable number of books/DVD’s/Videos with no due date but all materials must be returned by the end of the school year.
Digital equipment must be returned at the end of each term for inventory.

Borrowing privileges are extended to parents, tutors, and substitutes. They must register with the librarians on their first visit.
Reference books may be checked out during the school day on hourly loan.

Books checked out at the end of the school day on OVERNIGHT LOAN must be returned before the first class the following school day.
The curriculum DVD/video collection is housed in the library and is restricted to teacher loan.A small selection of Fiction DVD/videos are available to students and parents for weekly loan.

The current issues of professional journals and student magazines do not circulate (an exception is made for curriculum coordinators who are invited to check out the latest issue on overnight loan). Back issues of professional journals and certain student magazines may be checked out.

Teacher requested collections for class sharing may be put ON RESERVE in the library and restricted to overnight student loan and period classroom loan.

Overdue Reminders

  1. Notices are sent to homeroom or advisor teacher weekly.
  2. No fines are imposed for overdue books, but no additional books may be checked out until the overdue is returned.
  3. At the end of each trimester, letters are mailed home for long overdue books.
  4. If a book is lost or damaged a replacement fee of 25 Euros is charged for a hardback
    book, 15 Euros for a paperback and 25 Euros for a book/cassette or DVD.

Library Behavior

  • All library patrons should respect the rights of other library users (no cell phones, i-pods etc.).
  • Students are expected to be using the library’s resources while in the library.
  • Middle School students are students are expected to respect their AOP contract when using the INTERNET.
  • Note that library research has priority over e-mailing.
  • “Chatting” and games are not permitted.
  • Lower School students are expected to be using the Lower School Homepage or the DESTINY OPAC for access to the INTERNET.
  • Independent use of the INTERNET must be supervised by a librarian, teacher, or parent.
  • If the library staff considers a student’s behavior overly disruptive or inappropriate, that student may be asked to leave.
  • A library class or other activity conducted by the librarian or a teacher has precedence over individual student activities.

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