American School of Paris - Library


The libraries and librarians at ASP play a key teaching, support and collaborative role in carrying out the broader school mission. The libraries resources, personnel and technology support the curriculum and instruction to help students become efficient and responsible users and creators of ideas and information in a global world, as well as promote a love of life-long reading and learning.

Through the collaborative teaching of information literacy, communication, and technology skills, the libraries provide students with the tools to be actively engaged in their own learning.

There are two libraries at ASP and parents are welcome at all times. To find out about our resources and programming click on the appropritate link below:


Meg Seaver
Greg Jacks
Christine Luquet
+33 (0)1 41 12 82 46


Mario Chioini, M.L.I.S.
Upper School Librarian

Anthony Tremblay
Library Assistant
+33 (0) 1 41 12 82 97