American School of Paris - Middle School Advisory Program

Advisory Program

American School of Paris - Middle School Advisory ProgramAn effective advisory program promotes responsible individual development and supports successful personal and community growth. It provides students with opportunities to safely explore issues with a caring adult.

Advisory plays an important role in helping students create and actively engage the school community. All students are welcomed into small advisory groups in which they have support for flourishing socially, culturally, and linguistically. Students will benefit from this environment in which to explore and challenge themselves.

Within the advisory program, students engage in small group activities and discussions, whole grade activities and annual field trips. Furthermore, students engage in cross-curricular academic advising with their advisor at regular intervals throughout the year.

Topics such as organizational skills, time management, self-advocacy and independence, peer pressure, bullying, self-concept, relationships, multiculturalism, and community service are explored and put into practice within the advisory sessions.