American School of Paris - Innovation in Learning

Innovation in Learning

Full STEAM Ahead!

In a critical role for our 21st century learners from the youngest age on up, our curriculum provides challenging, practical and innovative concepts and coursework which students need to develop their STEAM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math). State-of-the art technology equipment and science laboratories and continual teacher training in technology and interdisciplinary approaches further support learning. Some examples:

Lower School

Hands-on Learning

FAmerican School of Paris - Lower School students use their tabletsor all Lower School grades, the Science Learning Space, a dedicated hands-on learning center is where children explore, experiment and marvel in the world of science.

Technology is integrated in the learning process at all ages- here (photo left) some of our youngest Lower School students create a classroom blog on their school-provided tablets.

Students work with an art teacher on a regular basis to develop their Visual Thinking Strategy- an art-focused learning concept in which students develop cognitive and social skills, helping them to develop confidence and a variety of perspectives at a young age.

Middle School

Engineering and Design

Students learn the fundamentals of the engineering and design cycle by creating objects with various tools, including Sketchup and TinkerCAD, electronic sensors and 3D printers.

American School of Paris - Middle School Innovation class

"It’s about building and innovation and bringing to life objects that we bring from home and draw on paper; it’s a really cool class. I’m learning a lot!"Grade 7 student

Upper School

Design and Technology Courses

American School of Paris - Upper School Simularion and Game DesignA group of problem-solving classes requiring students to apply key concepts and to think critically to determine the best use of technology towards a desired outcome.

The classes below are pre-requesites for the AP Computer Science class where students design and implement complex computer programs using Java.

Students may also focus on preparing to become certified as an Oracle Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer.

Mobile Application Programming

Programming is a key skill.In this class, students use MIT’s App Inventor to make exciting, socially useful and entertaining apps for Android smart phones.

Coding the Web

Budding webmasters learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript, keys to creating dynamic websites, and techniques for designing, implementing and managing a web presence.

Simulations and Game Design

Students develop their problem-solving skills and identify creative solutions while coding using Netlogo for 2-D simulations and game design, as well as MaKey MaKey and Sparki Arduino STEM Robot Kits.

3-D Modeling

A great symbiosis between art and engineering, this class focuses creative modelling in 3D, using computer-generated design and animations.

American School of Paris - Innovation in Learning Design Cycle

"Design is not just how it looks and feels like. Design is how it works. "Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple

Access to Technology

At ASP we provide ready access to technology for learning to all students, taking an age-appropriate approach to devices:

  • Lower School: iPads (Pre-K to Grade 4) and netbook computers (Grade 5)
  • Middle School: MacBook Airs (1:1 laptop program)
  • Upper School: individual choice (structured Bring Your Own Device program)

In addition we have Discovery Lab in the Lower School, a Media Lab in the Middle School, and a Computer Lab and a Media Lab in the Upper School for specialist technology-based courses.

We provide Wi-Fi throughout the campus and a wide range of web-based resources for research and online learning.

"There is no substitute for hands-on fooling around with real stuff."Dr. John King, MIT professor