American School of Paris - English as an Additional Language EAL


ASP is proud to serve a large population of students from different national, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds, and we strive to respect, value, and celebrate our diversity.

While the language of communication and instruction at ASP is primarily in English, many of our students come from a variety of linguistic backgrounds. For the numerous students who are developing English language proficiency, we offer a comprehensive “English as an Additional Language” (EAL) program for students in grades 1 through 8.

It is through this program that many non-native English speakers acquire the level of English needed to communicate effectively and successfully in social and academic situations.

EAL Program Statement of Purpose

To support successful English language learning in academic, social and extracurricular settings while valuing home culture and native language development.*

Adapted from Rojas, (2007)

Meet the EAL Faculty

The program’s faculty consists of trained professionals committed to creating a humanistic environment in which each student can feel secure to meet all the challenges of the ASP academic and social life. In addition to knowing each of our students very well, English language support instructors are always in close contact with classroom teachers and administrators to ensure that there is a clear understanding of each of the EAL student's needs, progress, and classroom placement. This information is regularly and systematically communicated to the parents who help both at home and at the school with their child’s language development. As a community, we strive to create the best possible language-learning environment for your child to succeed at ASP and beyond.


American School of Paris - Maureen Waling
Amy Carpenter

American School of Paris - Maureen Waling
Victoria Lockerbie

American School of Paris - Maureen Waling
Linda Franco


American School of Paris - Maureen Waling
Troy Titterington

American School of Paris - Maureen Waling
Diane Smith

American School of Paris - Maureen Waling
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