Welcome to Back, Everyone!
Welcome to Back, Everyone!

Our ASP Rebels return to campus

Our campus is open, our masks are ready, and we're back to school!

This is a joyful time of year, and we're especially grateful that our community has been able to safely gather together on campus. From Early Childhood through Grade 12, students and families are carefully and readily adapting to new safety protocols, from entering campus via specific gates, wearing masks on the ASP school buses, remaining in grade-level and division-level bubbles, using plenty of hand sanitizer, and staying vigilant for changes in health and wellness.

Masks in class, courtesy of Mario Chioini, Upper School Librarian

Masks in class, taken by Mario Chioini, Upper School Librarian

As with each school year, we're thrilled to welcome over 100 new families to ASP. A warm, ASP welcome shines through, even from behind our masks! Thank you to all of our returning ASP families who have welcomed new students and new parents alike into our vibrant community.

New Family Orientation, taken by Mario Chioini, Upper School Librarian

New Family Orientation, taken by Mario Chioini, Upper School Librarian

While this non-traditional return to school is surely one for the history books, everywhere you turn on campus, there are examples of ingenuity and creativity as our faculty and staff take advantage of every inch of our beautiful, green (and still sunny!) campus. We're able to begin extra-curricular activities like sports, music, and after-school activities like yoga and lego club, albeit under different conditions and with plenty of contingency plans in place.

Grade 4 social distancing!

We're working to personalize work-spaces and tech tools, and expand our classrooms to make sure that students are able to learn with joy and safety.

Grade 8 Social Studies

We hope you're enjoying this special time of year just as much as we are!

Grade 7 Science calculating impact, alfresco!

P.S. Our big back-to-school project this year was launching our blog! Check it out, and be sure to subscribe for posts on education, leadership, and everything in between!